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The global cryptocurrency market has been witnessing a lot of action as new altcoins outperform popular ones. Take the example of DigiToads (TOADS) which has been making waves with its presale growth which is nearing $6 million. As the price of popular altcoins like Sui slumps, many Ethereum, Tether, and Bitcoin holders are moving to DigiToads. The TOADS presale has managed to attract many buyers and has impressed many analysts.
DigiToads is a hybrid DeFi platform that is powered by the Ethereum network. Its model has been designed by merging the features of three kinds of tokens — a meme coin, a stake-to-earn portal, and a play-to-earn game. With this merged model, DigiToads users don’t have to shuttle between different platforms to stake, trade, play Web 3.0 games and participate in trading contests.
Its native token is the TOADS token and it is the primary cryptocurrency of the network. The token has made it to leading analysts’ best cryptocurrency ico lists because of its presale funding which has crossed over $5.8 million.
DigiToads’ key USP is its trading competitions where participants booking the highest profit margin by trading win. The winners share the profits with the platform and also get a chance to train under the DigiToads team to learn about treasury management. In the Web 3.0 game, DigiToads awards the top 25% of the scorers with TOADS tokens. Players will be able to purchase assets in the game including a special breed of virtual creatures called DigiToads who are known for their strength and special powers.
Head over to the DigiToads presale as the TOADS token is currently available at very attractive prices and could potentially provide king sized gains after listing as per many experts.
Sui is a Layer 1 blockchain that has transformed the way crypto users own on-chain assets with its object-centric model. Its native token is SUI which is the primary cryptocurrency of the network. What adds to Sui’s efficiency is the parallel processing of transactions which adds to the network speeds. Due to horizontal scaling, there is no increase in gas fees even as the demand rises. In a recent development, the developer of crypto payments solutions Six Clovers rolled out its Versal Network on Sui to enable firms to make cross-border crypto payments with ease.
If you are looking for a crypto project with a proven record, Ethereum is a great option to consider. Its cutting-edge technology, the blockchain network powers cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and other kinds of decentralized infrastructure. Its native token is ETH and it comes in handy while dealing with a wide array of transactional uses. In a recent development, Ethereum’s community members have come up with a new standard that would be useful in boosting the security of DeFi projects. To be called ‘ERC-7265’, the standard would enable developers to add a back-stop to smart contracts.
Bitcoin is one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy at any time of the year. Its native token BTC is among the highest tarded tokens of all time. For its consensus mechanism, Bitcoin leverages the proof-of-work consensus mechanism. The BTC token has seen positive price action in the recent past. Judging by the market data and indicators, analysts feel that the token is likely to maintain its bullish momentum over the next few months.
USDT is one of the altcoins to watch out for in 2023. What’s unique about the token is that it’s pegged to the US dollar. Its peg is achieved by maintaining a reserve of fiduciary deposits, cash, treasury bills, and commercial papers, among other financial instruments. Tether recently hit the headlines after Layer 1 blockchain Kava announced that it would list the former’s native coin USDT on its network.
If you cannot decide what cryptos to buy now, USDT, Ether, Sui, Bitcoin, and DigiToads are dependable projects to choose from. However, if you are looking for long-term gains, most analysts would recommend DigiToads to you because of its growth potential. The hybrid DeFi model is ideal for exploring different opportunities for earning residual income. Experts even suggest that for the next few months, the TOADS token has the potential to grow by 40x.

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