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Binance’s ARKM token launch may attract new users to the exchange and improve sentiment. BNB fails to see any major positive changes in terms of price.

Binance [BNB] encountered challenges in the U.S. as a result of legal actions initiated by the SEC. Consequently, numerous users of the Binance platform have opted to withdraw their funds from the exchange, seeking alternative platforms for their trading needs.
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However, Binance’s new announcement may improve sentiment towards Binance. Binance recently announced that it will be launching the ARKM token sale on Binance Launchpad.
The ARKM token is a native token for the Arkham Intelligence protocol, which is a tool that can be used for crypto analytics. Arkham recently launched the On-Chain Intelligence Exchange, a platform that facilitates the anonymous buying and selling of information regarding the owner of any blockchain wallet address.

The hype around the ARKM token and the new update may attract new users to both the protocol and the Binance exchange. The launch of the token may also aid in improving the sentiment around the Binance protocol.
At press time, the weighted sentiment around the Binance protocol was negative. This indicated that the negative comments outweighed the positive ones for Binance on the social front.
Source: Santiment
Additionally, the number of social mentions of Binance also declined. According to Lunar Crush’s data, the number of mentions for Binance fell by 10.7% over the last week.
Due to the declining sentiment, the overall trading volume on Binance fell. According to coingecko’s data, the daily volume on Binance fell from $11.14 billion to $7.44 billion over the last few days.
Source: Coingecko
The Binance team could however attract users through new developments and updates on the app. However, the declining number of core developers and code commits being made on the app suggest that it may take some time for the protocol to launch something new.
Source: token terminal
Upon analyzing the state of the BNB token it was seen that, at press time, the price of BNB stood at $248.13. The velocity of the token had declined materially over the last week. This indicated that the frequency with which the BNB token was being traded had fallen.
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The volatility of the BNB token also fell during this period, which could attract risk-averse investors going forward.
Source: Santiment

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