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Jobless claims came in lower than expected, reigniting inflationary fears. How did the crypto market react? It continued its upward surge. This provides clear evidence that further rate hikes have already been baked into the market, and the worst is behind.

As Tradecurve (TCRV), Ethereum (ETH), and Bitcoin (BTC) skyrocket, the real question for investors is a bullish run on the cards? On-chain metrics say yes, and investors who do not want to fall behind must start deploying capital.

Tradecurve (TCRV) New Hybrid Exchange

Tradecurve leads this staggering rally posting impressive gains. Analysts believe the native token $TCRV has much further to go, forecasting an incredible 5,000% surge in the following weeks before the presale closes.

Analysts judged by the current trajectory the presale will raise $20 million, and the protocol’s ambition to onboard 100,000 users in its first three months may even be slightly conservative given the influx of liquidity to DeFi.

Tradecurve’s unique hybrid infrastructure model takes the best elements from centralized exchanges- namely performance, low latency execution- and decentralized exchanges- privacy-preserving features and on-chain transparency- to create a new exchange model.

Users can open an account with an email address; the only requirement to begin trading is crypto to collateralize. The collateralized crypto can then be used to trade options, futures, spot, and even OTC derivative products.

Tradecurve provides access to an incredibly diverse basket of assets, including stocks, ETFs, bonds, commodities, and cryptos. And the on-chain trading revolution starts with this pioneering protocol.

Two massive tailwinds for this next-gen trading protocol are the liquidity rush to DeFi and the increasingly stringent regulations that restrict access to crypto derivatives products for retail traders worldwide. Tradecurve welcomes these users with open arms and allows them to retain their privacy.
A solid contender for the top-gaining altcoin of 2023 and a protocol with the potential to onboard the trillions in trading volume TradFi primary assets witness each year.
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Ethereum (ETH) Produces Dividends For Stakers

Ethereum (ETH) remains incredibly strong, and since Ethereum (ETH) withdrawals went live, staking has been up only. Crypto analysts have already begun to conjecture that with the introduction of a Bitcoin (BTC) Spot ETF, naturally, Ethereum (ETH) will be next.

This turing complete blockchain birthed DeFi, and since its launch in 2015, has grown into a multi-billion dollar ecosystem. Analysts forecast a strong 2024 for Ethereum (ETH), predicting the blue-chip project trading between $3,392.83 and $4,073.26.
Looking into the future of Ethereum (ETH), given its potential to produce yield through the staking process, it could make it an ideal asset for investors who desire fixed income. With EIP-4844 drawing closer and the continuing proliferation of layer two technology, Ethereum (ETH) looks ready to outperform in the coming bull run.
Bitcoin (BTC) $30,000 Springboard For Next Rally?
Bitcoin (BTC) has been leading the market, surging upwards expectedly with all the news surrounding ETF products. Despite the recent economic data, Bitcoin (BTC) held its ground at $30,000, and what once acted as solid resistance for Bitcoin (BTC) has been flipped into powerful support.

Analysts forecasted an impressive range between $54,985.38 and $66,477.21 for Bitcoin (BTC) in 2024. Analysts remain openly bullish on Bitcoin (BTC), and with asset managers like Larry Fink making moves, their price predictions seem incredibly reasonable.

A Bitcoin (BTC) Spot ETF getting approved in conjunction with the halvening occurring in just under a year could send Bitcoin (BTC) soaring in the next twelve to twenty-four months.  
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