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KoinBasket, in a landmark development, has rolled out its super-smart crypto trading app complete with the pathbreaking integration of “Login with Binance”. This move is set to pioneer a new era of secure and smart digital asset investments, specifically catering to crypto-savvy regions such as Turkey and other similar countries. By leveraging the globally secure OAuth integration with industry giants Binance and Coinbase, KoinBasket seeks to offer crypto investors a safe access to the crème de la crème – the top 1% of cryptocurrencies – while prioritising intelligent research, unparalleled security and user convenience.

One of the distinguishing features of KoinBasket is its unwavering focus on user security and control. In stark contrast to third party crypto trading platforms, KoinBasket ensures the safety of users’ funds, assets, trading rights and secret API keys. Its breakthrough “Login with Binance” feature mitigates the security risks associated with manual handling and sharing of API keys. This novel approach not only enhances user convenience but also signals a significant stride towards a safer Web3 future.
Khaleelulla Baig, CEO of KoinBasket, expressed his enthusiasm for the recent developments, saying, “We are ecstatic to roll out the ‘Login with Binance’ integration. It not only enhances the security and convenience of our platform but also paves the way for our users to explore the full potential of their favourite crypto exchange accounts. With the unwavering support of our investors, we are geared for success and ready to bring a sea change in the crypto industry.”
KoinBasket enjoys the backing of an impressive roster of investors who are luminaries in the world of finance and technology. These include Polygon founder Sandeep Nailwal, Ripple MD Navin Gupta, ex-Binance director Omar Rahim, Cred founder Kunal Shah and more. The platform has also secured additional funding from renowned institutions such as AngelList, Kube VC, Stocks Fund and top executives from global corporations like Google, CITI Bank, Nomura, and Fiserv. This strong support network not only demonstrates investor trust but also fortifies KoinBasket’s credibility in the marketplace.
The platform is not merely a tool for buying and selling cryptocurrencies but a comprehensive hub designed for crypto traders of all stripes. KoinBasket offers a wide range of unique features, such as access to top performing cryptocurrencies, competitive Crypto Fantasy Leagues, risk-free demo trading, rewarding cashback, referral program and the convenience of managing multiple exchange portfolios through a single sign-on. Furthermore, with its real-time profit & loss tracking tool, KoinBasket provides users with critical insights into their investments’ performance, thereby encouraging informed and profitable trading decisions.
Following the successful launch of their Coinbase integration, KoinBasket aims to extend these benefits to Binance & other global crypto exchange users worldwide, thus empowering them to reach unprecedented levels of success in the dynamic crypto market. As KoinBasket propels forward, it stands as a testament to the bright future of super-smart crypto trading, driving the narrative of safety, convenience and lucrative returns for crypto enthusiasts worldwide.
About KoinBasket
KoinBasket is a super smart crypto trading app that caters to the needs of the next billion crypto users worldwide. With a focus on credibility and user satisfaction, the platform effectively tackles the challenge of analysing 1000’s of crypto projects for over 300 million global crypto investors.
In an environment often characterized by social media hype and FOMO-driven decision-making, retail investors face constant fear and uncertainty. KoinBasket empowers these investors with intelligent research & trading access to the top 1% of cryptocurrencies through easy to decide crypto packs and baskets. With a user-friendly Single Sign-On (SSO) feature, Users gain secure access to renowned crypto exchanges like Binance and Coinbase, ensuring full control and custody of their funds and assets.
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