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Although Bitcoin’s dominance in the cryptocurrency sector has been undisputed for a long time, recent market trends and advancements have shed light on the emergence of alternative digital assets with substantial potential that could challenge the flagship cryptocurrency.
Industry experts looking at Tradecurve’s recent price trajectory in the past two months believe the token has what it takes to rival the reigning crypto king.
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Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency with the largest market capitalization ($594 billion) has established itself as a resilient and influential digital asset. Its ability to withstand market fluctuations and rebound with greater strength has been evident across various market cycles.
Also, its decentralized nature, limited supply, and widespread adoption have contributed to its reputation as a safe haven asset. During bear markets, investors often gravitate towards Bitcoin, drawn by its potential for long-term growth. In the previous bull market, the price of Bitcoin’s price soared by over 1,200% between March 2020 and November 2021, reaching an all-time high of $69,000. Although the value of the token experienced a dip during the crypto winter of 2022, it has since shown signs of recovery.
On Thursday, Bitcoin experienced an upward surge as traders reacted to the latest FOMC minutes report. The coin reached an intraday peak of $31,460.05, marking its strongest level since last June when the price exceeded $32,000. Bulls are once again aiming for this milestone, but they must first surpass a resistance level of $31,500. However, their attempts thus far have been unsuccessful, causing the price to currently hover around $30,615 by press time.
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Bitcoin has undoubtedly secured a dominant position in the cryptocurrency market. However, Tradecurve just like Bitcoin has recorded a bullish cycle surging by 80% within a month moving from $0.010 to $0.018. Interestingly, Tradecurve attained this feat during its token presale ahead of its official launch.
Even before its official launch, Tradecurve has achieved an impressive milestone by attracting 12,500 registered users. With such rapid growth, the team anticipates onboarding a total of 100,000 users within the first three months of operation.
Tradecurve is emerging as a potential player with unique offerings that will allow it to carve out its niche. Besides, its connection to the OTC derivatives market which is worth over $632 trillion spells huge potential and increased usage for its native token, TCRV. Unlike Bitcoin, the TCRV token has several use cases such as for staking to earn passive income, receiving discounts, VIP benefits, and governance rights.
What sets Tradecurve apart from platforms like Gemini and Kraken is its comprehensive nature. It provides users with an all-inclusive platform where they can utilize crypto leverage to trade against a wide array of global financial instruments, including forex, CFDs, ETFs, stocks, options, and more. The TCRV token is currently available for purchase at a rate of $0.018 per token.
Although Bitcoin has dominated since the onset of the crypto market, market analysts are bullish on the chance of Tradecurve as it taps into an industry several times bigger than Bitcoin’s market cap. As a result, they have called Tradecurve’s current price a must-buy as the token could easily trade above $1.5 after launch.

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