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Jul 17, 2023
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Article Summary

Binance has launched a new feature that allows users to obtain multiple deposit addresses for a single network. This upgrade aims to cater to “airdrop hunters” and enhance user privacy. BitGet and other cryptocurrency exchanges have also recently announced support for multiple deposit addresses.
Binance has unveiled a new feature that enables users to have multiple deposit addresses for a single network. This feature supports ERC20 tokens issued on the Ethereum network, as well as tokens issued on Ethereum-compatible networks like Arbitrum One and BNB Smart Chain. Binance plans to expand its support to include other blockchains in the future.
Binance’s new feature for multiple deposit addresses provides users with more flexibility in managing their assets. By responding to user requests and improving privacy measures, Binance aims to enhance the overall experience for its customers. With support for additional blockchains in the pipeline, users can expect more opportunities to diversify their holdings and engage in airdrop activities.

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