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In a recent announcement, Binance Futures has announced that it will discontinue support for two prominent cryptocurrencies, Cardano (ADA) and Polkadot (DOT), as margin assets in Multi-Assets Mode. The change is set to take effect from July 27, impacting thousands of traders and investors who have utilized these assets in their portfolios.

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As of today, the transfer-in limit for ADA and DOT has been updated to zero in the Multi-Assets Mode, signaling the end of their tenure on the platform. Binance Futures has reassured its users that they will automatically convert all ADA and DOT assets in their accounts to USDT (Tether) within a four-hour window on July 27. The conversion will be based on the average ADAUSDT and DOTUSDT Price Index from a predefined period.
Importantly, the converted USDT assets will remain safely stored in users’ accounts, offering reassurance to those concerned about potential losses. However, users who wish to maintain control over their ADA and DOT holdings are advised to transfer their assets out of their accounts before the scheduled conversion process begins.
However, Binance Futures advises users who do not wish to participate in the Cardano or Polkadot conversion process to transfer their assets out of their accounts before the conversion begins. This gives users the freedom to manage their assets according to their preferences and investment strategies.

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Despite this delisting from this particular section, both tokens maintain their presence on Binance’s other trading sections, so their communities continue to have opportunities to engage and trade.

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