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SPCTBitcoin (BTC) has stagnated at the $30,000 level for quite some time. The token hit the $31,476 level on July 14 before plummeting to $30,334 the following day. Meanwhile, ApeCoin (APE) recently registered a price surge for three consecutive days between July 13 and July 15.
In light of these events, VC Spectra’s (SPCT) Stage 2 public presale is live, and the SPCT token price has risen by 37.5% to reach $0.011. VC Spectra (SPCT) is projected to rise 10x its initial price once it enters major exchanges.
Bitcoin’s (BTC) dormancy around the $30,000 position results from various market forces. For starters, there has been inflated selling pressure among short-term Bitcoin (BTC) holders since April, averting a viable breakout. Furthermore, Bitcoin (BTC) miners’ decision to liquidate the platform’s reserves also impacts the crypto asset’s price movement.
Additionally, the lack of actual volatility restrains Bitcoin’s price. BTC’s trading activity has significantly dipped in the last few months as savvy investors await a considerable breakout.
On July 13, Bitcoin’s (BTC) price shot from $30,387 to $31,476, representing a 3.6% surge. However, BTC price has since declined by 5.15% to reach $29,857 on July 18. Nevertheless, analysts project a massive Bitcoin price surge, possibly hitting between $40,000 and $50,000 before Bitcoin’s (BTC) next halving event, set for Q2 of 2024.
ApeCoin’s (APE) recent surge also indicates the token’s potential for growth in the foreseeable future. Suppose the optimistic sentiment resulting from Ripple’s win continues. It’ll increase investor interest in various crypto assets, including ApeCoin (APE). However, investors must rely on market news and trends to guide their decisions.
ApeCoin (APE) surged from $1.9 to $2.06, representing an 8.42% increase from July 13 to July 15. The rise was attributed to the optimistic sentiment from Ripple’s legal victory, which swept the entire crypto industry. A closer look at ApeCoin’s (APE) performance in the past two weeks reveals that its price dropped from $2.08 to $2.0, a 3.8% dip.
These results suggest that APE has witnessed a downward trend following the recent surge. However, the price increase shows a turnaround which may be the start of ApeCoin’s (APE) prolonged positive trend.
ApeCoin (APE) moved from $2.0 to $2.04 in the past day, representing a 2% rise. However, analysts project that ApeCoin will drop by 2.0% to trade at $2 by August.
There’s no looking back as VC Spectra embarks on Stage 2 of its public presale. As a decentralized hedge fund, VC Spectra (SPCT) aims to revolutionize blockchain and fintech via strategic ICOs and investments. Moreover, the platform harnesses advanced technology to empower financial growth.
The platform invests in favorable blockchain and technology-based projects. Through the success of these projects, VC Spectra (SPCT) generates returns for investors. Furthermore, the platform is committed to transparency. As a result, it provides investors with regular reports and updates to ensure they understand the performance of its investments.
The just concluded Stage 1 of VC Spectra’s public presale was a huge success. SPCT now sells at $0.011, a 37.5% jump from its initial price. It’s poised to reach its $0.08 target price when the public presale finally concludes. Invest in VC Spectra (SPCT) today and stand a chance to earn 900% ROI.
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