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A VIP hiring program launched by Coinbase last week has attracted more than 250 applications from around the globe. The VIP Access program, which was announced by CEO Brian Armstrong last week, seeks to attract experienced crypto enthusiasts to work at the largest crypto exchange in the United States. 
The VIP Access Program was launched on July 19 to attract crypto enthusiasts with extraordinary abilities. According to Coinbase, the program is aimed at hiring highly-talented individuals who are passionate about crypto and economic freedom. 
We created a VIP page to hire people with extraordinary ability @coinbase.

If you've shipped a popular open source library, built a large online following, won a math/eng/gaming competition, were part of a special forces unit, or built something awesome, say hello.…
The program is looking for people with a specific skill set and experience, which includes experience in elite armed forces, winners of chess tournaments, coding or video game competitions, crypto influencers with a large following on social media, crypto project founders, entrepreneurs, and holders of an O-1 Visa, which is granted to individuals who have achieved national/international acclaim for extraordinary ability in sciences, art, business, etc. 
Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong took to Twitter earlier today to provide a glimpse into the applications received so far. The VIP Access program had attracted 283 applications, the majority of which came from North America. 39 applications came from Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, 13 from India, and 10 from the Asia Pacific region. The remaining two applicants were from Latin America. 
Crypto is attracting the best and brightest globally who want to build the future, and increase economic freedom.”
Armstrong revealed that 65 applicants had led a crypto forward project, 56 had founded and sold companies, 22 had elite armed forces experience, and 43 were influencers with a large social media audience. The applicants also included 7 O-1 Visa holders and 6 Olympic athletes.


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