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There’s been some doubts about Bitcoin among Ethereum and Solana investors. However, Bitcoin Spark seeks to bring a fresh perspective.
Over the past month, the price of Solana (SOL) has experienced a remarkable surge, catching the attention of investors and traders. This overall price increase has been accompanied by a substantial rise in trading volumes, indicating heightened market interest and activity. Several experts predict another bullish rally but warn of a significant fake-out to the downside before the rally.
The debate on whether Ethereum is better than Bitcoin is a contentious one, as both cryptocurrencies serve different purposes and have unique features. Bitcoin enjoys the status of being the original and most well-known digital asset. It is primarily regarded as a store of value and a hedge against inflation due to its limited supply, attracting long-term investors. On the other hand, Ethereum is hailed as a more versatile and dynamic platform due to its smart contracts which enable the creation of decentralized applications (dApps). Consequently, Ethereum has carved out a niche for itself as a bustling ecosystem for innovation and development. While Bitcoin remains a more conservative investment option, Ethereum’s technological advancements and potential for disrupting various industries have led many investors to believe it may hold greater long-term growth prospects. Ultimately, the choice between Ethereum and Bitcoin boils down to individual investment strategies and beliefs about the future of blockchain technology.
Bitcoin has many limitations that have led to the creation of various alternatives, among them Bitcoin Spark. This new crypto project leverages state-of-the-art blockchain technology, advanced consensus algorithms, and a unique governance model, to revolutionize the way we perceive and use digital currencies.
The Bitcoin Spark network solves the problem of low transaction capacity and high gas fees by increasing the number of individual transaction capabilities per block, decreasing time per block, and drastically increasing the number of nodes. This makes Bitcoin Spark more capable of handling everyday transactions. Bitcoin Spark will also include a separate smart contract layer that reaches finality on the main network but allows for different programming languages to be used. This allows innovative dApps to be built on top of the network without causing transaction congestion.
Moreover, Bitcoin Spark presents the concept of mining for all. This is possible through its all new blockchain technology called Proof-Of-Process (PoP), a cross between Proof-of-Work (PoW) and Proof-of-Stake (PoS). BTCS mining requires less work and energy as it is done through an easy-to-use mining program that can be installed on any device. The proof-of-process also rewards miners/validators for renting out the processing power of their devices. The Bitcoin Spark application automatically limits how much of the device’s processing power is used, thereby limiting the mining capability. The PoP is combined with an algorithm that restricts linear rewards based on stake size or raw processing power, thus preventing concentration of power among large-scale miners.

Bitcoin Spark is committed to rewarding its network participants through innovative revenue generation. The primary source of revenue stems from the decentralized CPU rental system.  Users access the processing power by paying with BTCS tokens, which are then allocated to the mining rewards pool. The secondary revenue source comes from advertising. The Bitcoin Spark application and website will have unobtrusive space for advertisements, with 50% of the revenue earned from the ads distributed among network participants and miners. BTCS holders have the power to vote and remove any advert that violates terms and conditions or contains inappropriate content. If an advert is deemed unsuitable and removed after a manual review by a team member, 85% of the remaining advertising fee will be returned to the advertiser, and the 15% will be distributed to the wallets of those who voted for the advertising removal to incentivizes the community to actively police the advertising, ensuring a clean and trustworthy platform.
BTCS has the same tokenomics as BTC, but with a longer time until max supply is reached. Nonetheless, BTCS holders will continue to profit as Bitcoin Spark will end up being a self-sustaining revenue network. With the Bitcoin Spark ICO phase 1 offering BTCS at $1.50, augmented by a 20% bonus, investors have a golden opportunity to capitalize on the project’s growth.
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