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Editor note Love Gareth’s Game Plan Trading Series? Get ready to level up your skills! 🚀 Discover Gareth’s VERIFIED Investing Education Trading Series – the perfect opportunity to enhance your trading strategies and increase your profits.

In today’s action-packed session of the Game Plan LIVE on YouTube, Gareth Soloway will offer a full overview key charts and data sets across all markets. This includes a look at a Bitcoin breakout or fake out, what stocks will shrug off the credit crisis and why investors should be paying close attention to Silver.
The live show will equip viewers with valuable insight to be prepared when navigating these turbulent markets. With over 20 years of experience, Gareth is exceptionally good at removing the emotion from trading to provide unbiased analysis based strictly on the charts and data, which he covers extensively in his 3-course education, The Winning Trader Series.
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