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Named the Bad Idea AI, this Ethereum token continues to see huge surges in investors’ excitement. Obviously, this token is a meme coin that doesn’t have too many investors. Despite the bad market conditions, the token continues to surge massively in price. In the weekly charts of the cryptocurrency, it even crossed the 200% increase. Although the price of the $Bad decreased a bit, the investors of this token expect further growth. 
This is an Ethereum-based token claiming an affiliation with artificial intelligence. Apparently, the creators of this token are aware that it is a meme coin. Furthermore, they know it is very likely to increase and decrease sporadically. “We’ve created $BAD, a decentralized experiment that combines Blockchain, AI, and DAOs in a risky, meme-worthy concoction,” the developers said in their description. 
Apparently, the developers of this project do not have a clear roadmap for the development. According to them, they will hand over everything to AI development tools and seek community opinions. Moreover, the developers call the crypto project an experiment. In other words, it is not financial advice to invest in this token. Also, there are chances that the token might end in success or failure. 
$BAD has been doing quite well in the crypto market despite the bad market situation. However, note that extremely large pumps and dumps characterize the market situation of this token. Sometimes the price increases by a substantial percentage, and it decreases. At one point, the weekly chart of this token stood at more than a 200% increase. 
At the time of writing, the $BAD price is at $0.0000000837 and has a 0.37% increase. But considering how $BAD can increase or decrease at extreme measures, massive price changes continue to happen. Furthermore, the trading volume of this token is relatively huge compared to many cryptocurrencies in the market.
At the time of writing, it had a daily trading volume of $4,596,550, with a massive 105% increase. Nevertheless, this trading volume puts it at 315 in trading volume rankings. The market cap is developing, too, at $44,937,835. Apparently, this puts the Bad Idea AI  token as the number 384th token with the biggest market capitalization. 
$BAD is a new Ethereum token with no clear roadmap or idea of the project. According to the project developers, the major development will be done by AI and also by their community. However, there is a very massive increase in the token’s price. 
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