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Bitcoin’s price remains rangebound but there’s one coin that’s making all sorts of rounds today.
The cryptocurrency market is taking an interesting turn throughout the past few days. Bitcoin’s price has been unable to make any improvements, but a coin that’s native to an online crypto casino is all the industry is talking about.
Let’s dive in.
The past 24 hours failed to deliver anything interesting in terms of Bitcoin’s price development as it’s completely devoid of volatility and any kind of action.
The price remains in the tight consolidation range of around $29K, and if we exclude the recent attempt to break $30K, the market is completely paralyzed.
In all fairness, it’s not just Bitcoin. The entire market seems unable to produce any volatility with certain exceptions.
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The major news throughout the past couple of days is the performance of RLB – the native cryptocurrency of the crypto casino RollBit.
RollBit came to prominence a few months ago, with many popular crypto-oriented influencers promoting it heavily.
The native cryptocurrency of the platform recently exploded following news that RollBit will be burning a considerable portion of it. This created additional hype that drove its price higher amid an otherwise stagnating market.
Elsewhere, as seen in the heatmap above, most of the major altcoins have failed to chart any considerable gains. Shiba Inu (SHIB) is one of the exceptions as its rally continues. The coin is up 4% on the day and it shows little signs of slowing down.
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