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With century-fold increases expected for crypto newcomer DigiToads (TOADS), you could be about to make the investment of the century. TOADS is an especially remarkable proposition, especially considering the turmoil that’s still underway in much of the wider market.
While many onlookers tend to focus on the performance of tokens like BTC and ETH, there’s much more to crypto investing than just those market leaders. And there’s still money to be made by investing in up-and-coming powerhouses like DigiToads (TOADS). Here’s why it could be a 100x mover over the next few months and might be perfect for your portfolio:
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DigiToads isn’t just the best crypto for beginners: it’s the best crypto for everyone. So if you’ve been in the space for some time and have seen your investments dwindle in tokens like BTC and ETH, TOADs could be the perfect answer to your problems. That’s because this fully-fledged ecosystem has been built from the ground up with all the credentials needed for both short and long-term success. TOADS isn’t just the best altcoin option for success right now: it’s the best option for success well into the future, thanks to an incredible range of features.
The central core of these features is the incredible TOADS P2E ecosystem which offers tons of rewards thanks to a 2% tax on transactions. In this ecosystem, you’ll get to battle it out with your unique TOADS companions every season for fun and rewards. These rewards can be withdrawn to your own wallet and exchanged for profits or used to make your unique TOADS companions even more powerful.
But that’s not the only way to earn with TOADS, thanks to another 2% going into the NFT staking protocol. This will allow you to stake the coolest NFTs for long-term residual income, with those who stake the most standing to earn the best returns over the long term.
With a presale model that’s about to hit its new ico launch, and discounts of $0.05 still available before prices go up to $0.055, now is the perfect time to invest while there’s still time left.

BTC and ETH have been struggling recently, but it’s important to note that they are still the most important tokens in crypto, with much of the rest of the market following their lead and reacting to their price moves. There will always be a place for these two crypto superstars in the industry, but if you want better growth potential over the next year or so, consider TOADS strongly. TOADS is unique in that it can perform well even when these two tokens stagnate, which sets it apart from much of the rest of the market.
Do you want next-level gains from a crypto token that’s only just getting started on its journey to success? If you do, then TOADS is the perfect option for your portfolio and has everything you might need for gains all the way up to the top. We think it could be the best pick for your portfolio ever, and discounts are still available: so grab them while you still can.
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