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Ethscriptions provide a novel way for anyone to permanently engrave content like text, images, and documents into the Ethereum blockchain. By publishing data as ethscriptions, you can securely log information in Ethereum’s decentralized ledger forever. While the process involves some technical steps, this guide will walk through how to create censorship-resistant ethscriptions from start to finish.
You’ll need an Ethereum account and wallet configured to interact with the network to get started. Leading browser-based options like MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, or MyEtherWallet allow easy access without running a full node. Be sure to fund your wallet with a small amount of ETH to cover the miner fees required to publish transactions. 
You’ll also want to have the text, images, or other content prepared that you wish to upload. Ethscription platforms can encode small files like text documents, JPGs, and PDFs. Have this data saved locally on your computer for the next step.
Now you must choose a suitable ethscription platform to publish the data to Ethereum. Services like Etherscribe, Ethegra, and Stampd allow creating ethscriptions in just a few clicks. Compare features like file formats accepted, cost structure, and ease of use.
Connect your wallet to the selected platform to sign transactions on your behalf. Double-check that the correct wallet is linked to avoid errors. Most platforms will detect wallets like MetaMask automatically.
Once your wallet is connected to the platform, you can upload your content. Paste in any text you wish to immortalize or drag and drop your selected image or document file. Give the ethscription a short title and description for reference, Then review all the details to ensure the data is correct. Then the platform will encode your content and generate the necessary transaction to add it to Ethereum.
submit the transaction to finalize publishing the ethscription. Your connected wallet will need to sign the transaction before it broadcasts to the network; within a minute or two, the ethscription will be included in a block and immutably saved to Ethereum.
Once sealed within the blockchain, the platform will provide a transaction hash you can use to view the ethscription via blockchain explorers like Etherscan. This link lets anyone access and verify your engraved content.
The beauty of ethscriptions is that once published to Ethereum, your engraved content is permanently sealed into the blockchain’s immutable ledger. This provided indefinite proof of your document’s or media’s existence when it was ethscribed. The decentralized nature of Ethereum ensures no single entity can ever censor, restrict access, or delete your ethscription. It will remain uncensorable and public forever.
This makes ethscriptions a powerful tool for immortalizing personally or professionally important information in a way that cannot be altered or suppressed. The far-reaching potential to indelibly preserve memories, records, and data for posterity makes ethscriptions on Ethereum so revolutionary.
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