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Is Bixel the easy way to create NFTs?
Throughout the 2020s, AI and NFTs have been all the rage. Binance has now combined these two popular technologies in Bixel, its new NFT generator. But how does this service work, what does it offer, and is it worth trying?
In March 2023, Binance launched the beta version of a service named "Bicasso," which allowed users to create and mint AI-generated NFTs. It didn't take long after the launch for the service to pause its operations, and in August of the same year, Bicasso was rebranded to Bixel.
Bixel allows you to provide prompts and upload images to incorporate into your NFT creation. The AI software will take note of your prompt and uploaded media and then produce four different results.
The Binance website states that Bixel "provides an accessible and low-barrier entry point into the world of NFTs and digital arts for users who don't have a design background." Even if you're not a professional or hobbyist digital designer, Bixel is still accessible.
Upon its launch, Binance announced an NFT challenge for users, in which the winning NFTs would receive one BNB. This amassed some hype around the NFT generator, with many submitting their entries to the challenge.
Users could vote on the NFT submission they liked most, and there were some interesting winners. An NFT named "Binance Moon Boy" took first place, with over twice the number of votes of the runner-up, named "Cute Girl Support BNB."
Bixel uses AI algorithms to generate NFT images from text-based prompts and uploaded photos. The tool will take your prompt or image and then comb through its database of artworks to generate a new image.
After generating your desired NFT image, you can mint it via Bixel. This NFT will then exist on the BNB Smart Chain. Minting an NFT on Bixel costs 0.08 BNB (formerly known as Binance Coin) at the time of writing, which currently amounts to just under two US dollars.
We tested the text prompt and image upload on Bixel, as the tool claims that uploading an image of a person or object will give you an "optimized" result.
As you can see below, an image of Mark Zuckerberg from Wikimedia Commons was uploaded, along with a text prompt reading "cyberpunk style mark Zuckerberg with moon in background."
This prompt and image resulted in the generation of four separate images, though only one came with the requested moon in the background.
After selecting this image, you're given the option to mint it. The minting process allows a description of the NFT to be added.
To mint an NFT and pay the fee, you must have funds in your connected wallet. Bixel allows you to connect your chosen wallet via MetaMask or WalletConnect. You'll need at least 0.008 BNB of funds present to mint one NFT via Bixel.
Under the Generate button, you'll see how many "chances" you have to generate images. You get ten free chances daily, which reset at midnight. That means you can generate 40 free images a day via Bixel.
Using Bixel is straightforward. Creating and minting your own NFT can take less than a minute and doesn't require much technical know-how. To use Bixel, you'll need a Binance account. You can easily sign up for a Binance account via the Binance or website.
When you head to the Bixel webpage, you'll see three options within the second menu bar: Explore, Image Generator, and My Images. To create an NFT, click on the Image Generator tab.
Here, you'll be provided with a text box in which you can write your image prompt. For instance, you could write "cat on a mountain at sunset" or something random, like "lemon tree in a fish bowl." It's best to use as much detail as possible so that Bixel fully understands the kind of image you want. In this way, Bixel is somewhat similar to other AI image generators like DALL-E 2 and Midjourney.
You can also upload a photo to aid the image generator by clicking Upload Portrait (Optional). Here, you can upload your desired image directly from your computer storage.
Next, pick the style you want your images to be created in. Bixel offers a range of styles, including realistic, painted, and anime.
Now, with your prompt, image, and style ready to go, you can click Generate. It may take 10 or 20 seconds for Bixel to produce any images, and this waiting period can increase based on the site's traffic.
If none of the four images produced are to your liking, try adding more detail to your prompt or uploading a different image. If you like one of the images and want to mint it as an NFT, click on the image and then click Mint. Add your description, pay the 0.008 BNB fee, and you've got yourself an NFT.
To connect a wallet to pay for the mining fee, click on the Deposit option at the top-right of the screen.
Here, you'll be given the option to use MetaMask or WalletConnect to link up your wallet and funds or to use your existing BNB funds on Binance.
To reflect on previous image generations on your account, scroll down on the Image Generator page. This allows you to see which images were generated from which specific prompt. Alternatively, you can head to the My Images section to view a simple list of all the images that have been generated.
Here, you can filter your images to show only those that have been minted, upscaled, or tabbed as favorites.
If you're interested in creating your own NFTs but don't have the time or expertise to draw digital art from scratch, Bixel may be a good starting point for you.
You could even use Bixel for inspiration if you've hit a creative block. Maybe you're unsure what style to go for in your NFT, or you're having trouble creating an appealing background. While you shouldn't outright copy the images generated by Bixel, you can take creative notes from the results you get.
If you don't want to mint NFTs, Bixel can still be a fun tool to use. After Bixel generates images based on your prompt, you can download any of them for free. The 0.008 BNB fee is only incurred if you choose to mint the image as an NFT and store it on the BNB Smart Chain. You can also upscale (i.e., increase the size of) an image of your choice.
Because of this free download option, you can also use Bixel to generate images for your desktop and phone backgrounds. Alternatively, you can create your own little collection of AI-generated images for fun.
If you're unsure about Bixel, it costs nothing to give it a quick try. Generating images is quick and easy and allows you to see the quality of the results from the prompt without paying a fee. Whether you want to generate your own images or start an NFT collection, Bixel can work for you.
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