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In recent times, Ethereum’s (ETH) price has remained below $2000. The popular cryptocurrency allows users to carry out secure and verified transactions and earn income when they stake their coins. Ethereum’s price stagnation has left crypto whales wondering if it’s a good time to buy into the project. Because of Ethereum’s declining market sentiment, traders are rallying to InQubeta’s (QUBE) presale, which has drawn massive investor interest.
InQubeta is an AI-driven token that merges unique features such as fractional investment, NFT staking, and community support to power an advanced ecosystem. QUBE’s presale has amassed massive interest in the market, with over $2.1 million raised in funding. InQubeta is on track to top the list of best DeFi projects because of its commitment to AI-driven crypto solutions.
This article discusses the massive interest InQubeta’s presale has drawn despite Ethereum’s price stagnation.
Only some projects in the crypto market are future-focused and provide solutions to real-world issues. InQubeta is a crypto crowdfunding platform that aids investment in AI startups. QUBE aims to shape the next generation of tech innovation through the fractional investment system. This system provides affordable AI investments. Hence, prospects can contribute according to their budgets and secure the future of these startups.
The project’s fast-growing presale makes InQubeta the best crypto investment due to investors’ massive interest in its features. The project is in its third presale stage, and the price per token is $0.0112. Over 270 million QUBE tokens have been distributed, with 76% of the total sold. Investors who partake in InQubeta’s presale get QUBE at an affordable price and have access to the platform’s numerous offerings.
InQubeta aims to provide a democratic and community-focused ecosystem. The QUBE DeFi token is a governance token that empowers users to participate in the platform’s decision-making processes. Those with QUBE tokens will have a say in its development, run, and where it goes. This protocol ensures users’ active participation in the community by allowing them to contribute to the success and advancement of AI startups. 
Another feature that makes InQubeta the best crypto investment is the project’s NFT marketplace. InQubeta’s NFT marketplace empowers these startups to mint their investments into trending NFTs. These NFTs are displayed on the platform’s marketplace, making it easy for investors to partner with the projects they are passionate about.
The platform also offers staking opportunities for its users. Investors who stake the QUBE DeFi token become liable for rewards from the platform’s 5% sell tax. This tax goes to a reward pool. The massive interest the QUBE presale has drawn proves to investors that there are still tokens that defy market trends.
Ethereum is a crypto platform where users can make purchases, exchange tokens for other cryptocurrencies, play games, interact on social media, and much more with one another. Users can disperse ETH throughout a distributed network of computers rather than a single server. This system allows the network to spread, making it resistant to disruption from outside forces.
Due to the continued skepticism of “whales,” Ethereum has been unable to make significant gains for weeks. Fewer transactions by the whales indicate less optimism about the near-term value of the token, which is a leading sign of market sentiment. Because of ETH’s decline, retail traders are wary of the market’s uncertainty and are looking for better opportunities to leverage.
Ethereum's inability to record gains owing to its price, which is under $2000, is a signal for crypto whales to diversify their investments. The low activity and transactions on the platform indicate low investor confidence, and investors are flocking to InQubeta’s presale for massive returns. QUBE’s strong foundation and tokenomics demonstrate the token’s resilience despite bearish trends. InQubeta fuels AI-driven blockchain technology. Investors have access to features like trending NFTs on the platform. 
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