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​​Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao aka CZ, has set the bar high for transparency in the crypto world. Significantly, CZ has ushered in a robust policy that all Binance staff, including him, are now barred from futures trading.
The announcement surfaced on Twitter, “Binance employees (including me) are prohibited from futures trading. We only hold!” CZ tweeted. Besides emphasizing the company’s devotion to meticulous product testing, the tweet marks a clear end to staff speculative trading practices.
— CZ 🔶 Binance (@cz_binance) August 18, 2023

Additionally, Binance’s latest regulation stipulates a new trading norm for its staff. Employees must hold their positions for no less than 90 days before trading. Consequently, this is expected to curb short-term speculation. Moreover, it’s likely to foster a stable, long-term mindset toward crypto investments.
However, rules are only as good as their enforcement. Recognizing this, Binance has established an internal security team. This team’s core duty is monitoring employee trading activities across various platforms. Binance’s stance is clear that any violations of the new trading restrictions will lead to immediate job loss.
The timing of Binance’s decision couldn’t be more apt. With the crypto exchange under increased regulatory scrutiny, CZ is adopting proactive compliance measures. Hence, Binance’s actions aim further to bolster its image as a trustworthy cryptocurrency exchange.
Binance’s latest measures are more than mere regulations. They signal a move towards creating a transparent and accountable crypto trading culture. As the sector grapples with regulatory shifts, Binance’s proactive self-regulation sets an exemplary tone. Through its bold moves, the exchange showcases that fair play and transparency aren’t mere words but actions that hold immense weight in digital assets.
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