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Discover how CyberConnect is changing the game in the world of decentralized social networks and the potential it holds for mass adoption. Mark your calendars for August 15, 2023, at 12 PM UTC. That’s when the CYBER token, CyberConnect’s very own currency, goes live on Binance
In today’s digital age, the social network landscape is predominantly controlled by a handful of profit-driven corporations. Their primary goal? Financial gains. This centralized approach often leads to the exploitation of user data, manipulation of content, and stifling of innovation. Enter CyberConnect, a web3 social network designed to challenge this status quo. Let’s take a look at this in more detail.
The big really valuable and necessary thing that ERC-4337 provides for account abstraction is a *decentralized fee market* for user operations going into smart contract wallets.
The Ethereum standard, ERC-4337, is a game-changer. It streamlines the often complicated world of crypto by eliminating the need to juggle network switches, manage cryptographic signatures, or handle private keys. This innovation is pivotal in making the decentralized web (Web3) as user-friendly as today’s internet (Web2). Notably, Ethereum’s co-founder, Vitalik Buterin, has publicly endorsed this standard.
Did you know? CyberConnect boasts 300k smart contract accounts and has spent almost $80k on Paymaster, making it the world’s premier ERC-4337-compatible wallet system. Dive deeper into the stats on the Sixdegree ERC-4337 dashboard and CyberConnect Dune analytics. Ready to join the revolution? Check out CyberTrek.
CyberConnect stands as a beacon in the Web3 realm, offering a platform for developers to craft social applications that prioritize user ownership of digital identities, content, and interactions.
CyberAccount: The latest iteration, CyberConnect V3, brings forth CyberAccount, designed to simplify user onboarding to multi-chain Web3 social landscapes using the ERC-4337 Account Abstraction. This feature allows users to settle gas fees on any network using CYBER from a singular network. For a deeper dive into CyberAccount’s metrics, click here.
CyberGraph: Acting as a bastion against censorship, CyberGraph is a robust smart contract system that chronicles users’ content and social ties, complete with integrated monetization mechanisms. This suite of smart contracts seamlessly connects user identities (CyberAccounts) to their content and social networks, recording this intricate social data across multiple EVM-compatible blockchains. CyberGraph’s distinct middleware design not only stores high-value social data on blockchain databases but also paves the way for innovative social networking and community engagement strategies, including token-based monetization.
CyberID: Think of CyberID as your unique digital moniker, akin to your handles on platforms like Instagram or Twitter. Represented as an ERC-721 token, it serves as a distinct identifier for your presence on the CyberConnect network. Those with existing CyberProfiles from CyberConnect V2 can anticipate an upgrade to CyberIDs in the near future. For insights into CyberConnect V2 metrics, click here.
W3ST (Web3 Status Token): W3ST emerges as a non-transferable NFT, carrying an on-chain issuer reference, symbolizing a user’s standing within their community. It’s more than just a token; it’s a digital compass guiding users to their Web3 community. Organizations harness the power of W3ST to acknowledge their most dedicated and passionate members, crafting a digital, unchangeable, and context-rich value system based on contributions within their communities.
Cryptocurrencies have been waiting for a moment to shine beyond just trading. Enter CyberConnect. It’s not just a platform; it’s a movement. Developers can now infuse Web3 social features into various sectors, from gaming and music to community building. Think of it as the Facebook of the crypto world, poised to bring the next billion users into the fold.
Moreover, with CyberConnect, users have the power. They control their digital identities, content, and connections. It’s a seamless experience, allowing users to maintain their identity across various applications, ensuring a personalized and context-rich interaction every time.
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Link3 isn’t just another app; it’s the future. As CyberConnect’s flagship social platform, it’s where communities are built and discovered. With a whopping 940k monthly users, it’s the go-to web3 platform for giants like Arbitrum, DyDx, and CoinMarketCap.
Mark your calendars for August 15, 2023, at 12 PM UTC. That’s when the CYBER token, CyberConnect’s very own currency, goes live on Binance. This token isn’t just hype. It’s backed by a whopping $25 million from industry leaders like Multicoin, Binance Labs, and Polygon Labs. And if you’re wondering about its popularity, the public sale on Coinlist saw all 3M tokens, priced at $1.8 each, vanish in under 30 minutes!
Bonus: Check your eligibility for the CyberConnect Community Rewards on Cyber Rewards. And for those keen on farming, stake your BNB, TUSD, or FDUSD on Binance Launchpool to farm CYBER tokens.
The CYBER token isn’t just for trading. It’s the backbone of the CyberConnect ecosystem. From governance and voting to payments for CyberID and gas fees, the CYBER token is versatile. And with a total supply of 100,000,000, there’s plenty to go around. For a deep dive into the CYBER token, check out the Binance Research report. The CYBER token comes with some robust components such as:
Governance: Holders of the CYBER token possess the authority to vote and have the option to assign their voting rights to other participants. Decisions regarding protocol enhancements are determined by the collective voting strength.
CyberID Acquisition: For those looking to obtain CyberID, CYBER stands as an accepted mode of payment.
Gas Token for CyberAccount: Within the CyberAccount framework, especially on EVM-compatible chains, CYBER serves as both a gauge for pricing and a payment method for covering gas expenses related to transactions. Anticipate a broader spectrum of CYBER applications, as CyberDAO plans to unveil more use cases in the upcoming phases.
CyberConnect’s V3 upgrades deserve a celebration. That’s where CyberTrek comes in. It’s a two-month extravaganza with $1.8M in rewards and partnerships with blockchain bigwigs like Polygon and Arbitrum. And if you missed the Season 1 reward, don’t fret. Season 2 is just around the corner. Join the CyberTrek campaign and be at the forefront of the CyberConnect revolution.
Founded in 2021 by a team of Silicon Valley visionaries, CyberConnect has rapidly grown to become the largest decentralized social network in the web3 space. With 1.25M on-chain user-profiles and 400k active monthly wallets, it’s the platform of choice for over 2,500 verified organizations. From games to marketplaces, over 50 projects are harnessing the power of CyberConnect to redefine social interactions in the digital age.
CyberConnect serves as a versatile web3 social platform spanning multiple chains, granting developers the tools to craft social apps that prioritize user ownership of digital identities, content, and interactions. Utilizing the ERC-4337 standard, known for account abstraction, CyberConnect significantly streamlines the intricacies of cryptocurrency networks, offering decentralized social encounters comparable to Web2. 
As the preeminent ERC-4337 smart contract wallet system, CyberConnect, along with its expansive 50+ ecosystem projects, is fast becoming the primary portal for the masses to immerse themselves in Web3.
As mentioned earlier, CyberConnect is a groundbreaking web3 social network protocol. It’s not just about connecting people; it’s about giving them control:
CyberConnect stands at the forefront of blockchain innovation as the world’s largest smart contract wallet system compatible with ERC-4337, also known as Account Abstraction. This groundbreaking platform simplifies the often intricate world of cryptocurrency, making it more accessible and user-friendly. 
By offering user experiences that can compete with the current Web2 standards, CyberConnect paves the way for Web3, setting the stage for its widespread acceptance and mass adoption. For a deeper dive into its functionalities, one can refer to the detailed analysis available at this link.
CyberConnect offers:
CyberConnect has firmly established itself as a pioneer in the web3 domain, emerging as the most extensive and earliest decentralized social network protocol. Boasting an impressive 1.25M on-chain user profiles, the platform witnesses a staggering 400k active wallets monthly, which have cumulatively executed over 16M transactions. 
Its influence and credibility are further underscored by the participation of over 2,300 verified organizations. Notable entities such as Arbitrum, DyDx, Rarible, BNB Chain, and CoinMarketCap have created their CyberProfiles, leveraging the platform to cultivate and engage with their web3 native audiences.
CYBER serves multiple functions:
The project raised 25,000,000 USD from private sales, selling 25,120,000 CYBER tokens, and 5,400,000 USD from a public sale on Coinlist at 1.80 USD per CYBER. As of August 1st, 2023, the total CYBER supply is 100,000,000, with a circulating supply of 11,038,000 upon listing.
Special Highlights:
The future looks bright. With upcoming launches like CyberWallet and CyberDAO, and potential rollouts to make social interactions even more affordable, CyberConnect is just getting started. For a comprehensive overview, visit CyberConnect.
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