Charles Hoskinson Ups the Ante as Ethereum Is Labelled A Cardano (ADA) Copycat – ZyCrypto


Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano and a co-founder of Ethereum, has a history of teasing Ethereum and its co-founder Vitalik Buterin, but now he has stepped things up a notch, it seems. A discussion broke out about which ecosystem is better after a question was posted on ‘X’ if Cardano would ever be an Ethereum competitor.
One user said that it was telling that Ethereum had to transition to a 2.0 version of what Cardano already is today. Another argued that Cardano followed Ethereum’s roadmap but was behind by years.
And then came along an ‘X’ user who said he predicted Hoskinson would stop talking about Hydra and look towards things that Ethereum developers are doing, essentially copying from them. He added that Hoskinson would soon say that “Our plan was always that if it works on Ethereum, we can just copy it, and actually, rollups and data availability have always been the future of Cardano too”.
Charles Hoskinson swallowed the bait and said he felt sorry for people obsessed with their blockchain, saying, “We are living rent-free in the maxi minds. I pity them”.
He reminded the original poster that Hydra, one of the recent improvements to the popular blockchain, is live and evolving rapidly.  Additionally, Hoskinson stated that Mithril is now operational, marking the initial move toward an enhanced ADA and light client approach. He explained that innovative transaction methods have been developed, including tiered pricing and Babel fees. Adding that, the concept of a roll-up strategy has been in place since the inception of Midnight four years ago.
He did not only defend Cardano but started to throw punches at Ethereum too, saying: “Meanwhile Ethereum has a dumpster fire of a consensus layer, has a terrible programming model that they can’t change, and are getting eaten alive by their own layer 2 ecosystem.”
No matter whose side you take, it is clear that Cardano is unfinished, and there is no dispute about that. Cardano’s development runs in stages and is now in the second last stage. While the current stage focuses on scaling and resource use, the final stage will see a fully decentralized community-governed ecosystem. Hoskinson thinks by then, Cardano will serve as a blueprint for other blockchains and be “substantially more decentralized than all cryptocurrencies on the market”.


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