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Binance Coin and VeChain have both struggled since the recent SEC lawsuits. Their value has declined dramaticall, and while most projects have recovered, their growth has slowed. As a result, confidence in Binance Coin and VeChain is on the decline.
Interest in Everlodge, on the other hand, is soaring. Everlodge is an exciting new DeFi project that could disrupt the multi-billion dollar vacation home market. It lets investors buy fractional ownership in properties, reducing the barriers to entry while increasing the number of opportunities for sellers. As a result, some experts believe that Everlodge could be bigger than Binance Coin and VeChain in just a few years.
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Everlodge is creating excitement throughout the DeFi space. Its new marketplace will let investors fractionally invest in vacation properties using NFT technology. This application will help investors break into the vacation property market without needing millions to do so. Instead, they can purchase a small percentage.
For example, a seller will mint their property on Everlodge for $2 million. 10 NFT fractions can be created for $200k each. Investors can then purchase a fraction for $200k instead of needing $2 million upfront. This is not only more economically advantageous, but it also simplifies the purchasing process.
Rather than needing pages of paperwork, information such as titles, deeds and ownership details are stored on the blockchain. This makes data more secure, easy to access and irrefutable.
As part of its ecosystem, Everlodge will also provide a launchpad designed for property developers. This launchpad will be an alternative to traditional funding methods, in which investors can support the latest property developments.
Investors who want to get involved in the Everlodge ecosystem but don’t yet have the funds to purchase a property, can do so via the project’s reward club. This club will provide investors with annual stays at properties alongside several other benefits.
With a diverse ecosystem and range of opportunities, experts believe that the Everlodge presale could surge by 280% before it finishes.  ELDG tokens will soon be available for $0.01, though their value is expected to rise fast given the demand for Everlodge.
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After a lawsuit was filed against the Binance exchange, the project’s value plummeted. Binance Coin crashed from $307 to $231 in less than a week. Since this crash, Binance Coin has fluctuated with very few price increases.
At the time of writing, Binance Coin was trading at $242.08, a 1.2% increase in the last 24 hours. However, in the last month Binance Coin has decreased by 1.11%. Given that more than a million users have left the Binance exchange, analysts are concerned about the future of Binance Coin (BNB).
Confidence in the exchange is at an all-time low, as thousands of investors move their holdings to decentralized, self-custody wallets. As a result, Everlodge could easily outperform Binance Coin during the next quarter.
VeChain has struggled to perform in the last month. In just thirty days VeChain has declined by 9.29%, falling to $0.01794. As VeChain continues to decline, its daily trading volume is also starting to fall.
The project’s daily trading volume is now averaging below $30 million, with some experts stating this could fall below $20 million.
With VeChain on the decline, investors are looking to diversify their portfolios. Everlodge could quickly become a strong alternative to VeChain, and may overtake the project before its presale ends.
Website: https://www.everlodge.io/
Telegram: https://t.me/everlodge
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