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US presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has emerged as a fervent advocate for Bitcoin, elevating the cryptocurrency into the realm of civil liberties. Characterizing himself as a “lifelong defender of civil liberties,” Kennedy passionately endorsed the crypto as a manifestation of the very freedoms he holds dear. 
With the impending presidential election looming, Kennedy strategically pivoted to emphasize the significance of Bitcoin and the broader landscape of digital assets, using his platform of choice, X (formerly Twitter).
Kennedy has seamlessly woven digital assets into the fabric of his campaign, underscoring his devotion to the cause with declarations that echo sentiments expressed in recent months. 
Underlining his pro-crypto stance, Kennedy boldly pledged to shield cryptocurrencies from capital gains taxes if elected—an announcement that resonated deeply within the cryptocurrency community. This position not only further solidified his commitment to the digital realm but also signaled a departure from conventional fiscal policies.
— Robert F. Kennedy Jr (@RobertKennedyJr) August 22, 2023

Unveiling an aspect of his dedication to the cause, Kennedy divulged that he recently invested in Bitcoin himself. Following his appearance at a prominent Bitcoin conference in Miami, Kennedy proclaimed that he “decided to put my money where my mouth is,” underscoring his unwavering support for the cryptocurrency. 

This move set an example for his supporters and solidifying his authenticity in the crypto sphere. Intriguingly, after the conference, the presidential candidate demonstrated his commitment by gifting two Bitcoins to each of his seven children, thereby further embedding the concept of digital assets within his family legacy.
In a climate where cryptocurrency markets are often defined by their volatility, Kennedy’s endorsement of Bitcoin has come amidst a backdrop of fluctuating prices. As evidenced by the current BTC price of $26,022, reflecting a minor decline of 0.1%, and a notable seven-day slump of 10.8%,

In the realm of politics, where candidates’ positions on technology and digital innovation are often scrutinized, Kennedy’s outspoken support for Bitcoin shines a spotlight on the evolving intersection of digital assets and civil liberties. 
With bold promises and tangible investments, Kennedy has steered his campaign into uncharted waters, leaving a mark on both the political and cryptocurrency landscapes.
Notably, his resolute advocacy of Bitcoin as an embodiment of civil liberties invigorates discussions surrounding the intrinsic value and transformative potential of digital assets. 
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