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JPMorgan has been accused of using its influence to rig the crypto market in favor of Ethereum.
The SEC has been criticized for giving Ethereum a free pass while Ripple faces legal challenges.
Some people believe that this is all part of a larger plan by JPMorgan to monopolize the crypto market.
This is an investigation By Mr. Huber, a crypto KOL, into the web of connections that may have led to Ripple’s struggles and Ethereum’s unprecedented privileges. It’s a tale of secret meetings, regulatory controversies, and legal battles involving players like JPMorgan, the SEC, Ripple, Ethereum, and ConsenSys. 
Get ready to explore the timeline that could very well be labeled the 21st-century financial scandal.
Back in February 2017, JPMorgan and ConsenSys, a rival of Ripple, founded the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. By April of the same year, JPMorgan made an exit from the consortium, leaving Ripple as an active member. This marked the initiation of a sequence of pivotal events that would shape the unfolding drama.
The biggest corruption and financial scandal of the 21st century is waiting for a journalist who would like a Pulitzer Prize!

You don't even have to do any more research. The XRP Community has already done it. Here I have laid out a timeline for you with a focus on JPMorgans…
From secret meetings with Coinbase in early 2018 to investments in Ripple’s competitor ConsenSys, JPMorgan’s interest in Ethereum is apparent and substantial. The connection culminates with “Morganization,” a term rooted in J.P. Morgan’s historical monopolization techniques.
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Fast-forward to December 2020, when the SEC launched a lawsuit against Ripple, triggering a maelstrom of legal and regulatory clashes. Ripple’s General Counsel raised concerns about Hinman’s alleged financial conflicts, only intensifying the ongoing legal tussle.
These legal hurdles seem to be impeding Ripple’s advancement and constricting the adoption of its digital currency, XRP. Speculation abounds that these delays are deliberate tactics, aimed at hampering Ripple’s progress while providing Ethereum with a distinct advantage. Could this all be part of JP Morgan’s plan?
And it seems to work all the way to the BIS. The SEC just played a key part in giving Ethereum a leg up and stymying Ripple with a lawsuit. It is probably does not even think it can win an appeal. Just further delaying Ripple and choking adoption of XRP.
The SEC’s peculiar approach to Ethereum raises eyebrows. While Ethereum’s ICO was seemingly ignored, and it received a “free pass” in July 2017, Ripple continues to grapple with regulatory complications. This lopsided treatment has resulted in a delay in XRP’s adoption, further fueling Ethereum’s ascendancy. Recent lawsuits against the SEC, accusing them of concealing documents and suppressing communications related to Ethereum, cast a shadow of controversy over the entire situation.
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The question lingers: Why has Ethereum enjoyed unprecedented regulatory privileges from the SEC? The pieces of the puzzle now seem to point toward JP Morgan’s historical playbook of constructing monopolies. Could this strategy be at play once more in the realm of digital finance? Ripple’s hardships appear to be more than mere coincidence, and Ethereum’s privileges seem less like mere luck.
This could be just the tip of the iceberg. What other activities do you think JPMorgan is up to? Share your thoughts.

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