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Cardano’s NFT floor price increase is a testament that there’s always competition in the market. Apparently, Ethereum is the biggest NFT blockchain, and there’s no huge competition for now. But Cardano is doing all it can to present one. The floor price is an essential metric in the NFT market, and surpassing that of Ethereum in that aspect means a lot of things. 
The Cardano NFT floor price index is 22% higher than the Ethereum floor price index right now.

This is a comparison of the 7 day charts.
Cardano is one of the fastest-growing blockchains, and it is not even trying to take a break. Apparently, this crypto network is working extremely hard to touch new levels. One of them is Cardano’s NFT floor price increase. Increasing by more than 22% made sure that the ADA ecosystem was larger than Ethereum’s. Many community members would expect Cardano to continue on their good path. 
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