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While being under fire from the SEC, Binance has announced an esteemed collaborative initiative. The biggest exchange in the world is collaborating with Taiwan’s New Taipei District Prosecutors Office. Binance will lend its professional insights to help crime fighters improve their investigative skills.
Taiwan is holding a workshop in the district to moderate the virtual asset domain with 70+ prosecutors. The workshop is affiliated with Binance’s Global Law Enforcement Training Program. The program has already conducted 60+ online and in-person training sessions in 2023.
The crypto exchange collaborated with Taiwan a couple of months ago for its Criminal Investigation Bureau. Conducted on August 24, the workshop included 70+ prosecutors and assistant prosecutors.
Even Yu Li-Chen, New Taipei District Prosecutors Office’s Chief Public Prosecutor, was part of it. During the workshop, Binance’s expert compliance team touched on multiple topics, such as the latest crime trends in the digital asset domain, blockchain basics, and virtual asset investigations.
The experts also shed light on how Binance is fighting financial crimes by working with financial intelligence units and law enforcement agencies. As expected, the news assisted Binance in regaining its market credibility. 
Due to its ongoing battle against the SEC, many users had previously looked for Binance reviews to ensure the exchange was not going to crumble. But Binance seems to be faring better than FTX, as the exchange is still establishing new partnerships while partaking in renowned workshops like this.
Even Yu Li-Chen shared his insights on the workshop. As per Li-Chen, the rapid technological advancement has also led to a new form of crime. Thus, it is important for law enforcement individuals to understand how these crimes work.
They must equip the skills to save citizens from falling prey to these crimes. Everyone is thrilled to be working with Binance to gain key insights and knowledge about blockchain and digital space. It will enhance the officers’ investigative capabilities, added Li-Chen. 


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