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By Alessia Pannone – 25 Aug 2023
Pantera Capital’s recent forecasting sees a price increase to $35,000 for Bitcoin before the halving of 2024, with a subsequent increase to $148,000 USD.
Hedge Fund Pantera, with $4.8 billion in assets, advances its forecasting to $148,000 per Bitcoin by 2025. See below for all the details. 
As anticipated, in a recent disclosure by Pantera Capital, the firm elaborated on the concept of a ‘positive black swan event‘ in the context of blockchain. 
Traditionally, the term ‘black swan’ denotes unpredictable events with possible severe consequences. However, Pantera Capital lays out the positive implications such events can have for the blockchain world.
Pantera Capital refers to historical trends to make a relevant prediction about Bitcoin‘s price path. Specifically, it states: 
“If history repeats itself, the next halving would take Bitcoin’s value to $35k before halving and $148k thereafter.” 
Over the years, the blockchain industry has experienced exponential growth. Pantera Capital points out that the number of blockchain-related users has doubled every twelve months, signaling a rapid rate of adoption and integration of blockchain technologies across a variety of industries.
Despite regulatory hurdles and market fluctuations, Bitcoin has demonstrated remarkable stability. Over the past 90 days, BTC’s price fluctuations have been more constant than 87% of stocks in the S&P 500 index.
Decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms have attracted considerable attention and investment. Pantera Capital emphasizes the potential of DeFi in revolutionizing traditional financial systems through decentralized offerings.
The article also suggests that blockchain technology can play a crucial role in addressing global challenges. From promoting financial inclusion to improving transparency in supply chains, blockchain solutions can drive positive impact on a global scale.
Therefore, Pantera Capital maintains an optimistic outlook on the future of blockchain and its transformative potential. The firm believes that as the technology matures, its impact will become even more profound, affecting various spheres of daily life.
In summary, although black swan events are generally associated with negative consequences, Pantera Capital presents a solid argument for the positive impact of such events in the blockchain context. 
The firm’s visions emphasize the transformative potential of blockchain technology and its role in shaping the future of multiple industries.
Led by Dan Morehead, former head of macro trading and CFO of Tiger Management, Pantera Capital emerges as a prominent figure in the investment arena. 
The firm’s mastery of global macro strategies has enabled it to oversee the allocation of more than $1 billion in institutional allocations.
After taking a pioneering step in 2013, Pantera introduced its first hedge funds and blockchain investment funds in the United States. 
The firm has noted rapid growth in the adoption of digital assets globally, with this trend pronounced during the COVID-19 pandemic, counteracting the unprecedented fiscal and monetary expansions.
In addition, a remarkable evolution in the fiscal landscape is emerging, with major publicly traded companies beginning to include Bitcoin among their financial reserves.
Pantera Capital engages in a wide range of blockchain initiatives, including Zcash, Xapo, Wintermute, Ripple, Polkadot, Near, Filecoin, Coinbase, Circle, BitGo, and Bitstamp.
Graduated in communication sciences, currently student of the master’s degree course in publishing and writing. Writer of articles from an SEO perspective, with care for indexing in search engines.
Andrea Porcelli – 25 Aug 2023
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