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Several individuals benefited from the 2021 crypto bull run which saw the prices of different coins skyrocket. However, many were unprepared for the bull run. However, experts have predicted another bull market to happen in 2024. As a result, they have picked three tokens – Shiba Inu, Ethereum, and Kangamoon that could soar in 2024.
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During the 2021 cryptocurrency bull run, the Shiba Inu coin soared to an all-time high of $0.00008845. However, the price of Shiba Inu has been dropping in recent months. However, as of September 22nd, the Shiba Inu coin price is $0.00000728, a fall of 11.7% in the past 30 days.
This drop began after the price of Shiba Inu dropped below the $0.0000080 support line on August 17th. This confirmed that the earlier upward movement had stopped.  If the price of Shiba Inu keeps falling, it will drop to support at $0.0000060, which is 18% lower than its current price. 
However, if there is a sudden surge in momentum. SHIB  could break above the descending resistance line and soar to  $0.0000150. Meanwhile, analysts predicted that Shiba Inu will trade at an average of $0.00001925 in 2024 because of the addition of utility to the ecosystem.
According to reports, the Ethereum network activity has dropped since the Shanghai upgrade in April. A new report from JPMorgan shows Ethereum’s daily transactions have dropped by 12%. In addition, the daily active addresses of Ether have dropped by about 20%. 
Furthermore, the total value locked in DeFi dropped by nearly 8%. Fortunately, there is good news for the Ethereum coin. In Q4 2023, an upgrade called EIP-4844 or Protodanksharding is coming, which might increase the network’s activity.
The Ethereum price has failed to clear the $1,660 and $1,670 resistance levels. This has caused the altcoin’s price to drop below the $1,630 support to $1,597.52 in September. Analysts have predicted that the price of Ethereum will reach an average price of $3,200 by 2024.
Kangamoon is a cryptocurrency and play-to-earn project that seeks to transform the meme coin and gaming industries. Kangamoon brings together elements of play-to-earn (P2E) gaming and meme coins to create a unique gaming world
The main goal is to build a community of users who can make money while playing games. Notably, players will become boxing-loving kangaroos in this virtual world. This virtual gaming world called Kangaverse will have different games such as King of the Rings and Fight Club.
In addition, players can use their in-game characters to join battles and tournaments, earning rewards and digital assets. What’s especially interesting about Kangamoon is that there are no taxes when buying or selling on the platform. This will allow players to enjoy 100% profits. Meanwhile, SOLIDProof has thoroughly evaluated the Kangamoon platform.
Interestingly, experts believe that Kangamoon has what it takes to become the hottest meme coin in 2023. Early investors are already getting Kangamoon’s utility token, KANG. The token is currently available at a low price of $0.005 per token.
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