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Expert investors are familiar with how transient the position of the top-performing crypto project can be. At this moment, Ethereum is up there with Bitcoin reaching new heights and smashing records. And the next moment, there’s a new crypto project named Pikamoon (PIKA) attracting both BTC and ETH investors in their numbers.
Indeed, it takes an exceptional offering for any project to compete with Ethereum and even draw in its investors en masse. This article reveals what Pikamoon is doing right that has made these Ethereum investors invest millions in the project.

Crypto analysts have attributed the general bearish market condition in the crypto market to FUD and the absence of large trading volumes. Of all the top crypto projects, Ethereum has shown greater volatility. Many ETH investors believe the scalability issues plaguing the Ethereum network could be one of the causes of this volatility. That explains why various L2 rivals, including Polygon, have reported progress (in this case, additional NFTs) for their projects.
Besides, there is stiff competition in the crypto market which has compounded the bearish situation Ethereum struggles with, and this seems less likely to end. The only way out will be through the emergence of alternative and major positive catalysts. Aside from the market conditions, Ethereum’s bearish momentum is worsened by increased regulatory scrutiny.
Despite Ethereum’s status as a pioneer project, ETH’s price has recently also faced bears, and traders are concerned. With constant fluctuation in market sentiment, new rivals like Pikamoon (PIKA) are emerging with the prospect of disrupting the world of digital currencies and crypto trading. Now, ETH investors must evaluate the project’s strength. Hence, the massive investments by ETH investors in Pikamoon (PIKA).
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Pikamoon is a project that promises huge returns by delivering a GameFi setup and meme coin in a play-to-earn adventure game called Pikamoon Adventure. Gamers here earn crypto rewards when they build empires from scratch through successful adventures, monster battles, and treasure hunts.
In addition, Pikamoon offers certain benefits and features that give it the promising potential to deliver sky-high profits which attracts ETH investors.
The project’s main currency, PIKA, is a deflationary token and its total supply reduces with time. This feature keeps it valuable always which is good news for holders and investors.
Plus, the project’s setup keeps the demand coming for PIKA with various use cases. Combining that with the token’s reducing supply creates scarcity, gives investors a promising and fast-growing investment opportunity, and will deliver huge profits.
Pikamoon offers easy gaming access through offline and online gaming modes. So, gamers can enjoy its metaverse game with or without internet access while retaining the same top-quality gaming experience. This innovation boosts Pikamoon’s appeal and increases PIKA’s usage.
Pikamoon is a famous investment option for various crypto big names who recognize the project’s explosive potential right from the beginning. This further enhances Pikamoon’s chances of delivering millions in profits as more investors are attracted by the credibility the project enjoys.
For these investment experts, PIKA is on course to deliver over 20,000% profits before 2023 ends after the success of its presale (more deets below). This prospect has earned Pikamoon a place on the list of top cryptos to buy in September 2023 ahead of Ethereum and other top coins.

The success of the Pikamoon presale has made a statement for the project. Having started in April 2023, Pikamoon has taken over the presale scene with massive sales to the tune of over $4 million so far and an impressive 300% ROI for every early investor and it’s just in its third phase. Again, experts have tipped PIKA to deliver another 20,000% ROI before the end of the year.
Various top investors are now accumulating PIKA as it still trades at only $0.0006. Take your first step to massive profits today by buying $PIKA now.

Find out more about Pikamoon (PIKA):
Buy Now: https://pikamoon.io/buy
Website: https://pikamoon.io
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Pikamooncoin
Telegram: https://t.me/pikamoonofficial
Steve has been a blockchain writer for 8 years, and a crypto enthusiast for even longer. He is most excited by the application of blockchain to solve the challenges facing developing nations.
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