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The fast-paced crypto arena is defined by innovation, and among thousands of digital currencies, Bitcoin and its prominent forks captivate investors and enthusiastic crypto watchers. Bitcoin Spark and Bitcoin Cash, the two remarkable forks stemming from the iconic Bitcoin, have generated substantial attention and are poised for explosive gains. 
A Bitcoin fork is a modification to the underlying Bitcoin network’s rules and protocol necessitated by technical updates, ideological differences, security issues, or a desire to improve various aspects of the original blockchain. When a fork occurs, it yields separate versions of the blockchain, each with its own set of rules. One version continues as the original Bitcoin (BTC), adhering to the existing protocol, while the other version deploys a new cryptocurrency, often with a unique name. The newly created cryptocurrency shares a common transaction history with Bitcoin up to the point of the fork but then diverges onwards. Bitcoin forks often rise to address certain limitations of the original Bitcoin blockchain, such as speed, block size, or other functionalities. Forks may prioritize different aspects, leading to the creation of distinct cryptocurrencies with varying features and properties. Examples of prominent Bitcoin forks are Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin Spark (BTCS).
Bitcoin Cash is a P2P electronic cash system and a digital asset that emerged from Bitcoin blockchain hard fork in 2017. This fork was driven by the desire within the Bitcoin community for interoperability and speed of the original Bitcoin network. The primary motivating factor for the creation of Bitcoin Cash was to increase the block size limit, allowing the processing of more transactions per block. The rationale was that increased block size improved transaction speed and reduced transaction fees. Bitcoin Cash proponents believed that increasing the block size would enhance the cryptocurrency’s medium of exchange function, aligning with the vision outlined in the original Satoshi’s Bitcoin whitepaper. Bitcoin Cash has a development team and community working on protocol upgrades and improvements, separate from the Bitcoin development community. However, BCH is not immune to controversies, as critics argue that it deviates from the original vision of Bitcoin and introduces centralization risks due to larger block sizes. Ultimately, the acceptance and value of Bitcoin Cash are determined by market dynamics and its adoption within the broader crypto ecosystem.
Bitcoin Spark is driven by the principles of true decentralization, security, and improved accessibility for network miners through its innovative Proof-of-Process (PoP) protocol. PoP is an extension of the combined beneficial features of PoS and PoW mechanisms. PoP allows individuals to rent processing power within a virtual environment, expanding the network’s computational capabilities and ensuring efficient task processing. As such, miners earn rewards through renting computing power and staking on the BTCS network. BTCS aims to make mining accessible to a broader audience as users can start mining using regular computers or smartphones without the need for expensive equipment.
The BTCS ecosystem manages rewards by an advanced algorithm that employs a non-linear system. This ensures that higher hash rates do not lead to proportional increases in rewards, promoting a fair and balanced distribution.
BTCS revolutionizes the cryptocurrency landscape by providing a pathway to true decentralization via the Bitcoin Spark application, making mining accessible, user-friendly, and secure while ensuring consistent profitability for miners, irrespective of energy or asset prices. The BTCS ecosystem sets the stage for a new era in cryptocurrency, prioritizing inclusivity and innovation by introducing a user-friendly application compatible with various operating systems, allowing miners to seamlessly contribute their device processing power to the network. BTCS reward system avoids disproportionate increases in rewards with higher hash rates, ensuring fairness and sustainability.
BTCS ICO is at $3 in ICO phase seven, attracting a 7% bonus with an expected ROI of 357%. The platform oozes confidence in compliance and transparency after a successful KYC certification and smart contract audit.
More on BTCS and ICO here:
Website: https://bitcoinspark.org/
Buy BTCS: https://network.bitcoinspark.org/register

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