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Binance, the leading crypto exchange platform, recently released its eleventh proof-of-reserve (POR) report detailing its holdings of users’ cryptocurrencies.
The exchange holds 385 digital assets, including XRP, Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Shiba Inu, and other notable cryptocurrencies.
As per the official report, Binance claims to safeguard its customers’ XRP tokens at a one-to-one ratio. Specifically, the ratio of XRP in users’ net balances compared to Binance’s net holdings stands at 104.15%.
In other words, XRP investors have entrusted 2,629,459,187 XRP tokens to Binance, while the exchange holds 2,738,661,519 XRP. Based on XRP’s market price, the figures translate to Binance holding over $1.43 billion XRP in relation to users’ deposits of  $1.37 billion XRP. 
Notably, Binance’s XRP in this eleventh report indicated a slight increase compared to the tenth series report. In September, The Crypto Basic disclosed that Binance XRP was at 103.82%. Compared to the current 104.15%, it implies that XRP on the exchange grew by at least 52 million.
Also, Binance’s August report indicated it held 2.8 billion XRP, valued at approximately $1.75 billion, since XRP traded above $0.6 during the period. Interestingly, Binance has maintained a consistent XRP holding of over 2.5 billion XRP since it began publishing the POR reports.
Like XRP, Binance POR suggested it holds the largest market cap, crypto Bitcoin, in a 104.67% ratio to customers’ deposits. In particular, the exchange keeps 616,394 BTC worth over $17 billion against users’ deposits of 588,879 BTC.
While users’ assets increased by 708 BTC since September, Binance’s overall Bitcoin holding dropped by 1,732 BTC or $48,068,299
On the other hand, Binance’s ratio of Ethereum portfolio to customer deposits increased by over 2% in the past 30 days. The exchange holds over 4.109 million ETH worth $6.73 billion. In contrast, customers have deposited 3.83 Ether tokens worth $6.27 billion.
Notably, the exchange’s Ethereum holding improved by 17,186 ETH since the last report.
Meanwhile, Binance’s eleventh POR report shows a reduction in its trillion units holding of the dog-themed sensational crypto Shiba Inu. According to the report, Binance’s Shiba Inu holding stands at 76,895,594,975,813 (76.8 trillion) against 74,623,682,522,683 (74.6 trillion) from customers.
However, The Crypto Basic reported that Binance held 75,476,904,308,962 SHIB for users in September. The reduction signifies Shiba Inu enthusiasts have withdrawn 853,221,786,279 (853 billion) SHIB off the exchange in the past 30 days.
On the other hand, Binance’s portfolio of Polygon (MATIC) tokens to customers’ net balances dipped more than 2.5% from 119.86% to 117.16%. Meanwhile, the eleventh POR indicated the exchange’s Litecoin (LTC) portfolio improved by 1% since the last report.
It is worth mentioning that no external auditor has independently verified Binance’s proof-of-reserve. Emphatically, the exchange clearly stated that the POR reports result from “self-verification.”
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