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Crypto trading platform Binance.US has updated its digital asset listing process, in addition to adding new digital assets to its platform.
In a statement, the company said it will announce select altcoin assets that are under consideration for listing based on market demand, forecasted trading volume and liquidity, regulatory standing in the U.S., levels of community engagement and more.
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Currently, the exchange said it is looking at a delegated proof-of-stake layer 1 network, Sui (SUI), as one of its assets. It supports the Move development language, mainly designed for blockchain-based concepts.
This process is like what Coinbase COIN followed to mitigate the speculative price movements that happen after the list of altcoins is released. However, it remains unsure if the altcoins listed on the roadmap will be part of the final exchange listing. The listing, if not done in the next day or within the week, may lead to a reduction in the likelihood of a listing. If it does not happen, the altcoin will be removed from the roadmap.

About Sui
Altcoin Sui is like other layer 1 networks, like Ethereum, Solana and Aptos, and is built to support varied decentralized applications across Web3 and decentralized finance. Sui’s development language, Move, e­nhances smart contract security and programmability. The Sui blockchain was optimized for developer experience through its object-centric architecture.
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It enables network-level storage of assets, non-consensus token transfers and increased composability and scalability of the blockchain.
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