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When it comes to cryptocurrency, “coin dominance” is your go-to metric. How do we calculate it? Simple. Take a coin’s market cap, divide it by the cumulative market cap of the top 125 coins, and multiply by 100. Now, here’s the kicker: As of October 20, 2023, Bitcoin boasts a staggering dominance of 52.2%, the highest we’ve seen since 2021. Just in January 2023, it was at a measly 41.91%.
Chasing Bitcoin’s tail are Ethereum and Binance, with 17.55% and 2.98% market dominance, respectively. But the ripple effect of Bitcoin’s ascendancy could prove beneficial for other coins, such as Binance and Cardano. They say a rising tide lifts all boats, right?
But hold on, there’s more. As Bitcoin rides the wave of its newfound dominance, a rising star named Doge Uprising ($DUP) is poised to capture that same momentum. What sets this fresh entry apart? 
Well, their groundbreaking presale has investors buzzing, and they’re not stopping there. They’re taking it up a notch with an immersive web3 universe and an interactive manga series that promises to be nothing short of a spectacle. Intrigued? You should be. Read on.
Let’s talk Binance ($BNB). Despite being a giant in the crypto exchange world, Binance’s market dominance has slipped. Could the recent Bitcoin surge rekindle interest in BNB? Maybe. After all, the crypto market isn’t a zero-sum game. Last year, Binance ventured into fiat-to-crypto transactions with Binance Connect. The venture was short-lived but it got people talking.
Today, Binance remains at the pinnacle when it comes to spot trading volume. A recent CoinGecko report isn’t rosy—BNB’s value declined by 52.4% between Q1 and Q3 2023. But if Bitcoin continues to sizzle, don’t be surprised if Binance bounces back. Opportunity often lies where others fear to tread.
Here’s an eye-opener: Cardano ($MATIC) once had a market dominance of 4.06%. Now, it’s hovering around 0.7%. Quite the roller coaster, eh? Cardano’s unique ecosystem, which allows the creation of tokens and decentralized applications (dApps), has yet to realize its full potential.
Let’s not forget, Cardano got tantalizingly close to breaking the 1% market dominance barrier in June 2023. So, what’s next? Well, as more traditional investors dip their toes in the crypto waters, Cardano could prove to be an attractive proposition. It’s not just a coin; it’s a platform with utility. And utility, my friends, might just be Cardano’s ticket to the $20 league.

Brace yourself for Doge Uprising ($DUP), the new coin that’s causing seismic waves in the meme coin universe. What’s cooking? A lot, actually. This isn’t just another meme coin; it’s a meme coin with a mission. Doge Uprising plans to unveil a web3 universe, smart staking features, an interactive manga series, and an NFT collection.
With its $DUP token as the fuel, Doge Uprising aims to redefine what meme coins can be. Community is its lifeblood, and the coin has already attracted eyeballs. Can it dominate the market? Time will tell. But one thing’s for sure: Doge Uprising is more than just a flash in the pan.
Doge Uprising ($DUP):


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