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Data has shown that Americans are exhibiting a greater degree of enthusiasm toward XRP compared to Ethereum (ETH).
Specifically, Google Trends data reveals that XRP commands a significantly higher search volume among Americans than ETH and blanket terms like ‘cryptocurrency.’ Over the past 30 days, XRP consistently ranked higher in search volume by a considerable margin.
Google search volume for XRP from the United States peaked on October 24. Interestingly, the date coincided with when the firstborn crypto, Bitcoin, broke out significantly from its passive trend to over $34k for the first time in more than 15 months.
Ordinarily, crypto enthusiasts would expect that ETH, the closest rival to Bitcoin, would have taken the spotlight as Bitcoin led the market.
However, such a scenario failed to materialize. Instead, XRP emerged as the center of attention, with more people from the U.S. showing interest in the asset, as evidenced by Google search data.
Furthermore, Google Trend data indicates that the interest of Americans in XRP is evenly distributed rather than concentrated in a few specific regions across the country. As depicted in the map below, more than 90% of Americans are interested in XRP than Ethereum.
Notably, the regions in the United States leading the ranking of XRP search volumes include Iowa, West Virginia, Louisiana, Montana, and Delaware. Moreover, XRP similarly trumped Ethereum in search interest year-to-date (YTD).
While XRP defeated Ethereum in search interest from Americans, both in the last 30 days and YTD metrics, the battle becomes close on a worldwide scale.
Globally, the search interest for XRP and Ethereum has been neck and neck in the last 30 days, with no decisive winner. However, when delving into regional breakdowns, it becomes evident that more countries exhibit interest in XRP than Ethereum.
The regions with the highest search volume for XRP include Japan, South Africa, the Philippines, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Meanwhile, on a YTD scale, Ethereum slightly towers above XRP despite ETH being about seven times bigger than XRP in market valuation.
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