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Top digital asset marketplace Binance has proclaimed its intention to support and integrate the Chiliz (CHZ) 2.0 network. Meanwhile, BorroeFinance ($ROE) continues to print green candles, leading investors to question whether $ROE could rise to compete with one of the top crypto coins, BNB.
Can the new DeFi project contend with the established crypto? Let’s find out!
On October 20, Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, announced that it would support the Chiliz 2.0 mainnet. This move marks a remarkable development for Chiliz (CHZ) and the blockchain and digital asset ecosystem as a whole. Accordingly, it will open up new possibilities for fan tokens, developers, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts.
Alexandre Dreyfus, a well-known figure in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sphere, also notified the crypto community about the successful launch of the new Chiliz chain in partnership with Binance.
Besides providing support, Binance intends to list its own CHZ token on the Chiliz 2.0 blockchain and help users move all listed fan tokens to the new chain as smoothly as possible.
Binance’s decision to support the Chiliz chain integration is a major turning point, as it brings together one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges with a project that is revolutionizing fan engagement and tokenization.
This partnership opens up new opportunities for developers and projects to create innovative products that leverage the power of fan tokens in tandem with established exchanges. The trading experience of users would become smoother as they migrate to the new Chiliz layer.
Meanwhile, CHZ surged alongside other assets on the crypto market in the past week. Between October 16 and October 22, CHZ rose 11.61% from $0.056 to $0.062. Given the recent development in the Chiliz ecosystem and the ongoing rally in the crypto market, analysts expect CHZ to climb 6% higher from the current price of $0.066 to $0.070.
While Binance has made a move that could set the price of BNB on a trip to the top, investors are keen on knowing if $ROE can easily rival it.
BorroeFinance is a new DeFi project represented by its native token, $ROE. Many chartists and crypto veterans believe in the potential of $ROE to set a precedent that tallies with other established assets, describing it as one of the best cryptocurrency investments to capitalize on.
What makes BorroeFinance a project worth investing in is its real-time problem-solving capabilities. BorroeFinance serves as a marketplace for content creators and users of Web3 to connect with buyers interested in their creations. Here, they can tokenize their future invoices as NFTs and sell them at discounted prices.
Also, BorroeFinance, through its advanced capabilities, offers solutions to the problems of traditional finance. As a top DeFi project focused on Web3, BorroeFinance ($ROE) integrates the core attributes of Web3. These characteristics include transparency, inclusivity, and decentralization.
Another reason $ROE is dubbed the best crypto to buy is its presale projection. The token is currently trading at $0.015 in the second stage of its presale. With its target price for the presale cycle at $0.040, $ROE is set for a 167% liftoff to attain this level.
Although the latest move made by the crypto behemoth Binance is expected to affect its native token, BNB faces pushback at a pivotal level. Since retesting $228 on October 23, BNB hasn’t been able to surpass this level. The inability of BNB to exceed this level is due to heavy resistance at the $228 threshold.
Notably, BNB began its ascent on October 16, rising from $209.8 to the current price of $226.9. During this timeframe, BNB recorded an 8.16% growth in price. This rally comes amid the ongoing recovery in the general market.
Predicting the future of the Binance coin (BNB), experts have shared their perspectives on the potential price level for the asset. Analysts say that BNB could hit $243 if it escapes the bears at $228. That would require a 12.6% increase in the price of BNB from the current level for a further surge to be possible.
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