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It appears the king of cryptocurrencies is back as Bitcoin (BTC) prices rose by over 23% in October, coming close to breaking the $36,000 resistance level. BTC’s recent surge has carried over to many top crypto coins as bullish attitudes take over the cryptocurrency space. 
InQubeta (QUBE) is one of the most promising new DeFi projects launched this year, as its presale has already generated over $4.2 million in token sales. QUBE prices have grown 90% since the event started, and prices will grow by over 310% by the time tokens are released on exchanges. The project managed to generate so much investor interest that token sales weren’t impacted when bearish sentiments dominated the crypto space. 
InQubeta takes on conventional investment paths by providing an alternate way to invest in artificial intelligence (AI) without the often unfair barriers traditional investment avenues often have, like minimum deposits most people can’t afford. 
The InQubeta project’s solution-focused approach positions the platform for long-term success. Its growth potential is already being compared to Bitcoin’s growth pattern from 2014, which is the highest compliment a cryptocurrency project can get. BTC prices have risen 56,167,931% since then, so a one-dollar investment in Bitcoin in 2014 would be worth over $561,000 today. 
Various factors like the useful solution the InQubeta project provides to the unbanked and those who can’t meet the requirements of traditional investment entities, its impressive tokenomics, and its focus on artificial intelligence are responsible for its comparisons to BTC. 
QUBE is capped at 1.5 billion, and burn taxes cut the circulating supply some more, pushing prices upward. QUBE is currently priced at $0.0133, but prices could reach as high as $3 in the next couple of years. InQubeta would only need to increase its market share to $4.5 billion, a number that even low-utility meme-coins like Dogecoin (DOGE) have been able to double. A $100 QUBE investment today could be worth over $22,000 in a couple of years. 
InQubeta also allows investors to earn tremendous returns by investing in artificial intelligence startups. Here’s what the process looks like:
AI startups fundraise on the InQubeta blockchain by minting investment opportunities into ERC20 coins (NFTs) and listing them on the NFT marketplace. These investment opportunities allow backers to share in the success of the companies they invest in
Investors gain access to all the information they need to make informed decisions as they browse the ERC20 token list on the NFT marketplace
ERC20 coins are acquired with QUBE, which can be bought with fiat or top crypto coins
Investors track the value of their tokens in their user accounts and can choose to resell them on the marketplace at any time
AI is on course to transform the world, and those who back the technology position themselves to earn exponential returns as it disrupts industries worldwide. InQubeta aims to make such investment prospects more accessible than they’ve ever been. 
BTC’s price surge has cooled off a bit ever since it tested the $36,000 mark, and it’s now down to around $34,500 as buyers decrease and investors who took long positions take profits. Prices finding support at $34,000 indicates more growth is likely to occur as the king of cryptocurrencies approaches its next halving event, due in April 2024.
Financial firms like Standard Chartered anticipate BTC prices will clear $100,000 in 2024, and its current run points toward that direction. The handful of pending spot ETF applications are also helping to push prices upward as approval from the US Securities and Exchange Commission would send prices up exponentially. 
QUBE and BTC are top crypto coins to buy right now, but the odds that Bitcoin will keep up with InQubeta’s growth are slim to none. Most of BTC’s exponential growth is behind it, and the most investors can expect is 4x growth if prices break the $100,000 mark. QUBE will grow 4x during its presale, and as much as 100x once launched, making it the more lucrative cryptocurrency to invest in. 
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