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Recent Ethereum (ETH) market dynamics reveal a mixed picture, with reports of both selling and accumulation activities among major holders.
Despite the Ethereum Foundation’s reported sale of 700 ETH for 1.684 million DAI at an average price of $2,422 over six days, whales are seizing the dip in ETH prices.
The #Ethereum Foundation appears to have sold another 700 $ETH for 1.684M $DAI at ~$2,406 via two addresses 0xbc9 and 0xd77 in the past 40 minutes.
Overall, in the past 6 days, Ethereum Foundation has sold 800 $ETH for $1.937M $DAI at $2,422 on average.
For updates on the…
— Spot On Chain (@spotonchain) January 22, 2024

Whale accumulation today amounted to 26,841 ETH, equivalent to $64.5 million. Key transactions include a 7,779 ETH ($18.7 million) withdrawal from Binance by wallet 0x55C1 and 8,077 ETH ($19.4 million) withdrawn from Bitfinex by wallets 0xDa17 and 0x278f.
Whales are accumulating $ETH today, with a total of 26,841 $ETH($64.5M).
0x55C1 withdrew 7,779 $ETH($18.7M) from #Binance 2 hours ago.
0xDa17 and 0x278f (possibly the same person) withdrew 8,077 $ETH ($19.4M) from #Bitfinex.
— Lookonchain (@lookonchain) January 22, 2024

Wallet 0x5a11 took out 3,228 ETH ($7.8 million) from Binance, while six new wallets collectively withdrew 7,756 ETH ($18.7 million) from Binance and Kraken.
Analyst Ali notes ETH is within a crucial demand zone, ranging between $2,388 and $2,460, suggesting potential upward movement if this support holds. However, a failure might lead to a retracement to the next significant support area at $2,000.
#Ethereum Market Update: $ETH is currently in a key demand zone, ranging between $2,388 and $2,460. If this support holds strong, there's a clear path ahead with minimal resistance, offering a potential for upward movement.
⚠️ However, if #ETH fails to maintain this level, we…
— Ali (@ali_charts) January 21, 2024

These varied activities underscore Ethereum’s complex market sentiment, with investors closely monitoring developments to gauge potential price trajectories.
The interplay between foundation sales and whale accumulation adds nuance, requiring traders to stay vigilant and adaptable.
Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any services.
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