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Binance and BitMEX recently made $WIF available for trading via a new listing – WIF/USDT. The platforms described the perpetual swap as the token’s first major listings. From the look of things, this listing initially had a positive impact on $WIF’s price action before selling-off.
On the other hand, crypto enthusiasts continue to trust Galaxy Fox as its presale nears another significant milestone. The presale token is among the best crypto coins to consider for long-term investment, as it hopes to reward investors’ trust in it.

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) buzz isn’t mere hype with no actions. Its current presale numbers have shown this. Crypto enthusiasts are heavily invested in the meme coin’s success, and major indicators suggest they won’t be disappointed. The new crypto project brings gaming utility to the meme sector, adding more thrills to the already existing excitement in the sector.
Galaxy Fox’s gaming feature is an earning opportunity. It employs play-to-earn mechanics to ensure players win prizes and earn rewards while enjoying their games. Every member of the Galaxy Fox ecosystem has a chance to earn $GFOX, the native currency, as a passive income or reward. Users can increase their $GFOX holdings through staking, contest participation, and winning games in the ecosystem.
Galaxy Fox has a dedicated treasury and hub that funds competition prize pools and staking rewards. The top crypto project also has about 3000 unique pieces of NFT collection. These NFTs will be available to only $GFOX holders. They can trade them on global NFT trading platforms, Galaxy Fox marketplace, or utilize them to win games.
Galaxy Fox’s combining essential crypto features makes it a project to reckon with. The hybrid coin with P2E and meme feature is expected to thrive when it finally launches on crypto exchanges. It’s an excellent choice for market players looking for the best crypto coins to invest in.
Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) is at stage 7 of its presale, selling for $0.00198 per token. About 91% of the stage’s allocated tokens are sold out, implying the next stage is imminent. $GFOX is expected to sell at a higher price of $0.002178 at its next stage, making it essential for potential investors to hurry. The budding meme coin is on hand to do about 50x when it goes on retail exchange.
Hence, current presale token holders are poised for huge profits. Galaxy Fox has three presale phases to go. Hence, it’s not too late to be a presale token holder.

$WIF is a much-hyped Solana-based meme coin. The Shiba-inspired token is one of the buzzing meme coins currently, largely due to its uncommon visual identity. Dogwifhat ($WIF) appears as its name sounds — a dog with hat. The meme coin is gaining traction within the crypto community, and its latest stride is a perpetual swap listing on BitMex and Binance.
While it’s still early to give a price overview for the meme coin, its outlook is overall positive, despite a recent pull-back. However, observers harbor concerns about $WIF’s prospect due to lack of defined utility. The only thing the meme coin has to boast of currently is its appearance, and many worry it isn’t sustainable.
Nevertheless, $WIF is still expected to make some profit-yielding run in the early phase of its retail stage. The BitMex and Binance listings will make it much easier for investors to gain from this profit by trading the meme coin. Some crypto enthusiasts have $WIF in their list of best crypto coins to buy now, and the meme token could reward their faith.

Dogwifhat ($WIF) is a new meme coin that hopes to follow Shiba Inu’s profitability stride. However, the meme coin would need beyond its unique appearance to succeed in the market. This is why budding projects like Galaxy Fox have a higher success propensity. Galaxy Fox combines essential crypto features, catering to the interest of every crypto enthusiast.
Galaxy Fox combines meme culture and GameFi elements while having an NFT collection. This gives investors the confidence that the meme coin will remain relevant for a long time in the crypto space. Investors are showing optimism in $GFOX via presale, and analysts believe they will be well-rewarded for their investment.
Learn more about $GFOX here:
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A quick 3min read about today’s crypto news!
A quick 3min read about today’s crypto news!
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