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The expert predicts a possible short-term price drop for Bitcoin, potentially followed by a rebound to $70,000 or a steeper decline to $60,000-$62,000.
The expert believes Ethereum is a good buy between $3,250-$3,300 but is waiting to see how Bitcoin performs first.
The expert emphasizes a cautious approach, waiting for strategic entry points based on price movements.
Bitcoin and Ethereum, the two biggest players in the crypto world, have been teasing new highs but remain stuck in a holding pattern. Is a breakout on the horizon, or are we due for a correction? Crypto expert Jacob Canfield shares his insights on what could be next for these digital giants, outlining two potential scenarios for Bitcoin and a strategic buying zone for Ethereum.
Canfield’s analysis and strategic plan offer valuable guidance for crypto investors. Before we explore the insights of the expert, let’s understand the current market scenario of Bitcoin and Ethereum.
As of now, Bitcoin is priced at $66,326. In mid-March 2024, Bitcoin’s price was above $73,000. It has attempted to reach this peak several times in early April, late May, and early June. The 7-day change for Bitcoin stands at -4.5%, while the 30-day change is +0.6%.
Ethereum is currently priced at $3,552. In mid-March 2024, its price was over $4,000. Similar to Bitcoin, Ethereum also attempted to touch its peak in late May and early June. The 7-day change of Ethereum is -4.2%, while the 30-day change is +17.2%.
Scenario 1: A Minor Drop and Quick Rebound 
Canfield predicts that if Bitcoin’s price drops to around $66,000, it could quickly bounce back and rise to $70,000. This scenario suggests a minor correction followed by a strong upward trend.
Scenario 2: A Deeper Decline 
In this more bearish scenario, Canfield sees Bitcoin falling sharply to between $60,000 and $62,000. This deeper drop would require more caution and could signal a more prolonged correction period.
$BTC / #Bitcoin
Two scenarios I’m watching:
1.) Sweep $66,000 low with a strong reaction bounce reclaim to head towards $70,000.
2.) Deep capitulation wick down to $60k-$62k.

No positions at the moment, but observing the reaction at the lows.

I think $ETH will be a good…
Currently, Canfield is not holding any positions. He is waiting and watching how Bitcoin behaves at these critical lower price points before making any trading moves. This cautious approach underscores the relevance of strategic timing in crypto trading.
Canfield believes Ethereum will be a good buy if its price drops to between $3,250 and $3,300. This specific price range represents a strategic entry point for Ethereum investments. The crypto trading expert is waiting to see how Bitcoin performs at its lower prices before making any decisions on Ethereum.
His analysis provides a clear and strategic approach to navigating the current crypto market.
Stay tuned to Coinpedia for more insightful updates on crypto trading!
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