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The world of crypto is filled with fascinating possibilities and unexpected growth. In a recent series of tweets, Adam Cochran, a partner at CEHV, sparked a wave of Ethereum discussions by presenting a compelling case for Ethereum’s token, ETH, to potentially surge to as high as $457,081.
Cochran addressed skeptics who questioned the feasibility of ETH experiencing a 20x increase, comparing it to the market capitalizations of tech giants like Apple and Amazon. He emphasized that Ethereum should not be viewed as a traditional company, but rather as a groundbreaking blockchain-based infrastructure that transcends conventional boundaries.
Cochran’s analysis took inspiration from the sheer magnitude of securities processed through clearing houses, reaching an astounding $2.5 quadrillion last year. Contemplating the possibility of conducting this process on the Ethereum blockchain with a meager 0.05% gas fee, Cochran envisioned an annual burn of $1.25 trillion worth of ETH, equivalent to 5.7 times the current market cap.
Building upon this foundation, he extrapolated a forward-looking multiple that projected Ethereum’s potential value to approach $35 trillion.
Cochran’s projection gained more momentum as he introduced the concept of a compounding burn rate. Assuming an annual compounding burn rate of 2% or more over a 20-year period, the value per ETH could potentially skyrocket to $457,081.
Moreover, Cochran acknowledged that achieving a scenario where 100% of global securities settlement occurs on Ethereum within two decades might be unlikely, but settling 10% within a decade appeared feasible.
Beyond the securities market, Cochran proposed that Ethereum could capture additional value-based markets, further propelling its growth. He argued that settling 10% of global securities and tapping into other value markets could realistically lead to a 30x-35x increase in value within the next decade, even accounting for a 33% margin of error.
Notably, Cochran’s analysis sheds light on Ethereum’s potential to disrupt traditional intermediaries, offering reliable and affordable settlement solutions. With trillions of dollars in annual turnover up for grabs, the prospect of eliminating trusted intermediaries become increasingly enticing for various markets worldwide.
While Cochran’s projections may seem audacious, they highlight the boundless possibilities within the crypto space. Ethereum’s unique position as a blockchain infrastructure opens doors to innovation and disruption, ultimately challenging the status quo of trusted intermediaries.
Meanwhile, Ethereum’s price hasn’t made any significant movement in the past week but a slight upward trend, up by 0.6%. ETH has surged from a low of $1,805 seen last Friday to trade at $1,815, at the time of writing. 
Ethereum market capitalization has also recorded little gains in the past seven days. ETH’s market cap has surged nearly 1% from a cap low of $217 billion to a high of $218 billion on Friday. Meanwhile, ETH’s daily trading volume has also plunged throughout the week from a high of $7 billion last Monday to $3.6 billion in the last 24 hours.
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