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The recent rise of cryptocurrencies as an evolution of the banking system has been nothing short of stunning. Today, these digital currencies have changed with the broader acceptance of cryptocurrencies as a means of payment and have also given birth to a new industry called “meme coins.”
Shiba Inu (SHIB), a dog-themed meme coin, is making waves with Shibarium news, having developed its ecosystem with the launch of the Shibarium blockchain. Additionally, Binance’s ecosystem was introduced to flokifi locker, which is a crypto locker protocol of Floki Inu (FLOKI), another dog-themed meme coin. Lastly, another meme coin that had one of the biggest presales, Big Eyes Coin (BIG), also wants to expand its ecosystem with the launch of Big Eyes Infinity (BIGINF).
Shiba Inu, a dog-themed meme coin, is planning to dive into the ocean of blockchains. The team behind SHIB is planning to launch the Shibarium blockchain (a layer-2 network). In the beginning, it was expected that the upcoming launch of the Shibarium blockchain would have a positive impact, resulting in an increase in the Shiba Inu market cap. However, the constant delay in the launch date now has the opposite effect. It won’t surprise crypto enthusiasts if the layer-2 network is not launched this month.
Since March, the token has been battling hard to scale up. As of August 17th, the SHIB is still down, trading at $0.0000092. According to a price prediction firm, Changelly, SHIB can experience a spike at the end of August, reaching $0.000011.
As Shiba Inu continues to test the patience of its investors with the Shibarium news, Big Eyes Coin launches another presale token, Big Eyes Infinity (BIGINF).
BIGINF presale is solely initiated with the intention to give back to the Big Eyes Community (Cat Crew) and investors who have missed the earlier presale opportunity. With the launch of this project, it is hoped that the team will not repeat the previous mistakes but rather learn from them. Big Eyes Infinity presale is live, and the coin is currently trading at $0.00006; increasing its value with every passing presale stage the token will reach $0.00036 in the end. The presale is scheduled for 4 months with a potential of 6x gains for investors. Unlike Shibarium’s uncertain launch, the token will directly launch on the decentralised exchange once the presale is ended.

In the rapidly evolving crypto market, Binance’s updates revealed that Floki Inu’s crypto locker protocol flokifi locker had been launched on opBNB. Flokifi is a secure and innovative crypto locker solution that allows crypto project developers and investors to efficiently and securely lock Liquidity Pool (LP) tokens, NFTs, fungible tokens, and other digital assets. opBNB is a high-performance layer-2 solution from the BNB chain that provides cheaper fees and higher throughput to fully utilise the BNB chain’s potential. The team behind FLOKI is hoping to launch other utility products on the opBNB mainnet when it goes live.
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As Floki Inu advances to expand its ecosystem in collaboration with BNBchain, Big Eyes Coin adds Big Eyes Infinity to its ecosystem. This fresh presale opportunity offers 50 billion tokens for purchase. For transparent and efficient distribution, the token will be airdropped before listing on DEX.
When it comes to utility, investors will be able to use BIGINF tokens in Big Eyes’ play-to-earn gaming platforms. Once an investor buys BIGINF tokens, those will be matched with BIG tokens and added to the account of the investor as a bonus. Holders of the tokens will be able to play games and earn more tokens with them. Notably, the BETA version of their gaming platform is going to launch on August 29, and the full version will be available on Sep 30.
The Big Eyes Infinity (BIGINF) token will not only lead the Big Eyes community to new heights but will also bring wealth and popularity. BIGINF is all about generating extra revenue by improving transparency and learning from earlier errors.
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Despite the challenges encountered during the prior presale, the Big Eyes community has consistently shown its support for the Cat Crew’s future success. The community desires greater and greater achievements. The community’s belief in the Big Eyes’ objective, worth, and future success suggests that its benefits have the ability to outweigh the previous year’s mistakes.
The recent Shibarium news and its impact on Shiba Inu’s market cap are uncertain due to the constant delay of the Shibarium blockchain launch. On the other hand, Binance updates about Floki Inu’s flokifi locker launch in collaboration with BNB portray a positive future for the meme coin.

However, Big Eyes Infinity offers a distinctive potential to generate massive returns on investment both during and after the presale. The initiative is drawing investors due to its appealing airdrop strategy and token utility.
Big Eyes Infinity (BIGINF)

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